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System Lord Svarog

Earth Culture of Origin


Alternate Names / Spellings

Swaróg (Polish), Сварог (Cyrillic). It is likely Svarog derives from the Sanscrit "svarga", meaning sky, or it could be Slavic "svar", meaning bright and clear

Presides Over

God or Spirit of Fire

Earth Mythological References

In Slavic mythology, Svarog is seen as a flying fire-breathing serpent or dragon, although older myth has as a smith god associated with the virility and powerful sexual nature of fire. It was forbidden to yell or swear at fire as it was being lit.

The older myths tell of Svarog fighting Zmey, a giant serpent or a multi-headed dragon, that kills randomly. Using his blacksmith's tongs, Svarog captures Zmey, uses the creature to plough through the land, separating the land of the dead from the land of the living, thus restoring order. Zmey is given dominion over the dead. Other myths tell us the ploughed ditch became the Smorodina River, with Zmey the guardian of the bridge (Kalinov Bridge).

Later in the evolution of the myths of Svarog, pagan religions consider him the supreme god-creator and the central part of the pagan trinity known as Triglav (which also included Perun and Dajbog). Further, it was said Svarog completed the creation of the world by giving it order.

With the emergency of Christianity, Svarog became associated Saints Damian, Cosmas, Michael the Archangel. Animals associated with him include a golden horned ox, boar, horse, and a falcon named Varagna, as well as a shape-shifter into the wind.

The legend of Svarog can be traced to as early as 800-6OO BCE when Slavic tribes developed agriculture.

Stargate References

Svarog first became known to us as one of the System Lords in attendance at the Goa'uld summit (5.15 Summit/5.16 Last Stand).

Svarog re-emerges in name only as he sends his forces to invade a planet that had previously possessed an automated defense system known to the inhabitants (the Latonans) as The Sentinel. The Sentinel protected the planet by teleporting away or destroying attackers, but several years prior, the rogue NID team tried to steal it. They failed in their attempt, but managed to damage the device in the process. SG-9's diplomatic mission to restore relations with the Latonans is interrupted by Goa'uld's attack, and SG-1 enlist the help of the incarcerated rogue NID team to repair the Sentinel before the Latonans are enslaved by Svarog (5.20 The Sentinel)


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