Tagrea (P3X-744)

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Tagrea (P3X-744)


P3X-744 was where the Prometheus sought refuge after their overloaded naquadria had to be ejected. The planet, which was called Tagrea by its inhabitants were surprised to meet people from another world, and even more surprised the mythical "Ring of the Gods" still existed on their planet.


  • Names and Designations:P3X-744; Tagrea
  • Number of Suns: One
  • Number of Moons: Unknown
  • Source of Address: Abydos Cartouche
  • Introduced in Episode: 6.20 "Memento"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Roughly similar to current Earth development
  • Main Interest: seeking assistance after Prometheus crippled
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Tagreans
  • History of Stargate: the "Ring of the Gods" was buried under a coverstone by the Tagreans over three hundred years ago in the wastelands of Annur. It was unearthed by SG-1 and a Tagrean expedition.

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Geopolitical and Structural History

The main city of Tagrea was a sophisticated metropolis, operating with some kind of electrical energy and using mass transit. The military used military ground vehicles similar to Earth's as well as aerial dirigibles. The government was also capable of firing missiles into space that could have easily damaged and/or destroyed Prometheus when its shields were inoperative. To the south of the city was a desert known as the wastelands of Annur.

The people of Tagrea were subjugated by the Goa'uld Horus/Heru'ur for thousands of years. When the natural resources on the planet were depleted for Goa'uld purposes, Heru'ur apparently abandoned the world. Eventually, three hundred years ago, the population staged an uprising. They buried the Stargate as a way to block their former "god" from returning, labeling the coverstone as follows: "Here lies…chappa'ai of Heru'ur--false god to the people of Tagrea. May they never know a day like that again." The Tagreans chose to forget everything about the "dark ages" of living under the Goa'uld. Recorded history started from the point after the uprising known as "year zero", and eventually knowledge of Heru'ur faded.

The civilization was able to make a lot of progress in those three hundred years, and developed a post-industrial society. The civilization developed to be post-industrial. They utilized dirigibles, had advanced communication and power abilities, and even had the ability to note things in orbit and fire missiles into space.

Prometheus was on its shakedown cruise to P7X-009 when the ship's naquadria core became unstable. They were forced to drop out of hyperspace, where they were mostly stranded. The closest planet with a Stargate they were aware of was P3X-744, .38 light years away from their current position, although they had never been able to successfully dial the planet from the SGC.

Risking the unstable core for a small hyperspace jump, Prometheus arrived in orbit around P3X-744. The core overloaded and had to be jettisoned, creating an EMF pulse that knocked out systems on the Prometheus and also affected systems on Tagrea. The Tagreans, believing the explosion was an alien attack, fired missiles at Prometheus. Col. Jack O'Neill was able to communicate with the Tagreans and convince them the explosion had been an accident.

The leader of the Tagreans, Chairman Ashwan was happy to welcome strangers from another world. The more xenophobic Commander Kalfas of the Tagrean Security Force was more wary. He wanted SG-1 and Prometheus kept under tight guard and did not want to expose any of their planet's history, culture, or knowledge of the planet to these strangers. Both were skeptical of SG-1's quest for the mythical "Ring of the Gods", but Ashwan was at least willing to let them search. Searching through the library, Teal'c and Jonas encountered an individual, Tarek, who still knew the old gods and knew where the "Ring of the Gods" could be.

Ashwan allowed the archeology dig to search for the "ring of the gods," but once it was found, Kalfas organized his troops and invaded the dig site just as the Stargate and DHD had been set up again. He captured Jonas Quinn, Teal'c, and the Tagreans who were helping him. He worried they were opening the door to invasion and wanted the past to stay buried. Chairman Ashwan, with the help of Col. O'Neill and the Prometheus was able to talk down Kalfas's troops and allow SG-1 to use the Stargate to return home to Earth.

The Tagreans hosted Col. Ronson and the crew of the Prometheus as guests until SG-1 could return with equipment to repair the damaged vessel.


Prometheus above Tagrea
Prometheus guarded on Tagrea
Stargate raising on Tagrea


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