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Ashwan and Kalfas of Tagrea


The Tagreans were the people who hosted Prometheus and her crew, including SG-1 after they were stranded when the naquadria core overloaded during its shakedown cruise.

Stargate References

The people of Tagrea were subjugated by the Goa'uld Heru'ur for millenia. After Heru'ur abandoned the planet, the civilization went through its own renaissance, abandoning the false gods and burying their history. In the case of the "Ring of the Gods", the burial was literal. They buried the Stargate and DHD in the wastelands under a heavy coverstone. Recorded history started from this point--year zero.

Their government seemed to be somewhat democratic or republic oriented, as their leader was not a monarch, but instead a "Chairman". There was a visible power struggle between the Chairman, Ashwan, and the head of the military, Commander Kalfas. Kalfas was gaining political support because Ashwan was seen as weak on matters of civil defense. This conflict was only exacerbated by the arrival of Prometheus.

Prometheus arrived on the planet in dire straights, immediately having to eject its naquadria core before it overloaded. The resulting explosion created an electromagnetic pulse that affected the advanced Tagrean systems as well as those of Prometheus. Defending themselves, the Tagreans immediately launched missiles in a counterstrike; Ashwan believed Col. O'Neill's sincere pleading and explanation and ordered the missile launch be aborted.

Ashwan hosted the crew and SG-1, providing them information and hoping to establish diplomatic relations, but the military leader, Commander Kalfas was distrustful of the alien people and took several measures to limit their movements and preemptively counter any potential aggressive moves.

A few people who still believed Heru'ur was a god continued to worship him in secret, and the sect continued quietly through the generations. One person who believed was Terak, a mathematics professor who studied the old writings and knew the story of where the "ring of the gods" could be buried. He uncovered many old artifacts out in the wastelands of Annur.

Through Terak's information, they found the Stargate. After it was proven to exist and still work, Kalfas attacked the dig site and captured Jonas Quinn and Teal'c with a group of his loyal military forces.

A showdown occurred between Kalfas and Ashwan at the hostage site. Ashwan arrived with Col. O'Neill and Maj. Carter. He spoke to Kalfas's forces and convinced them through a moving speech to stand down.

Notable Characters

  • Ashwan - was the Chairman, leader, of the Tagrean people. Seen as weak on matters of civil defense, he was fascinated by these sincere seeming people and willing to look back at his history as a way to move further into the future.
  • Kalfas - Commander of the Tagrean Security Forces, Kalfas was quite hawkish on matters of planetary defense. He was very xenophobic to SG-1 and Prometheus and was convinced they were preliminary to invasion. He tried to subvert Ashwan's authority and capture the Stargate on his own, but Ashwan effectively stopped him.
  • Tarek Solamon - was a scholar who still believed in the old god Horus. He conducted several digs to find artifacts and was the chief source of information for Jonas Quinn and Teal'c in helping them find the "Ring of the Gods", i.e., the Stargate.


  • The SGC - Kalfas aside, Tagrea helped Prometheus in their hour of need and established friendly relations with the SGC.


  • The Goa'uld - Heru'ur used to rule the planet before he abandoned it. Three hundred years ago, the Tagreans buried their Stargate and refuted the false gods.


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