The Committee

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The Committee


The Committee was made up of at least five businessmen who pulled the strings on certain NID rogue agents. They were interested in using alien technology in establishing patents. They were not honorable men, feeling that assassination was perfectly acceptable in the meeting of their goals. They were discovered in the episode, 6.14 "Smoke and Mirrors". It was The Committee which attempted to assassinate Senator Kinsey who was about to reveal their operations to NID Agent Malcolm Barrett. The Committee used rogue NID agents to do their dirty work, including Agent Mark Devlin who posed as Col. Jack O'Neill using alien technology (the mimicking devices left behind the aliens from the episode, 3.14 "Foothold") in order to have him framed for the assassination attempt on Kinsey. The Committee was caught planning to take down Gen. Hammond if he didn't bow to their threats. Major Samantha Carter and Agent Barrett were successful in putting a stop to The Committee's activities.


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