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Senator Kinsey suffers an assassination attempt while campaigning for the presidency, and O'Neill is caught on tape leaving the building where the shots were fired. With O'Neill behind bars, Carter, Teal'c and Jonas must prove his innocence before it's too late.

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When Senator Kinsey is assassinated in broad daylight in front of a dozen civilian witnesses, Colonel Jack O'Neill is the prime suspect, having been seen and videotaped leaving the scene with a rifle in hand. And O'Neill's distaste for Kinsey, who had tried more than once to take down Stargate Command in order to control it, is well known.

O'Neill's alibi, that he was alone on vacation fishing, is compromised when the murder weapon is found dumped in the lake near O'Neill's vacation cabin. With such damning evidence, General Hammond has no choice but to place O'Neill under arrest and then turn him over to the civilian authorities in Washington.

With the President, for political reasons, unable to intervene, General Hammond suspends SG-1's offworld duties and assigns Major Samantha Carter, Teal'c, and Jonas Quinn to investigate the mystery and clear O'Neill.

Major Carter surmises there was only one way someone could have impersonated the colonel so precisely: Three years ago, aliens tried to take over SGC using mimic devices that could camouflage them to look like SGC personnel. After the situation was defused, SGC recovered 12 of the mimic devices, each programmed to impersonate a specific person. One of them had been made to mimic Colonel O'Neill.

They discover that the mimic devices under guard at Area 51 have been replaced with dummies. Carter has Teal'c and Jonas go through the personnel files of everyone who had access to the devices, while she goes to Washington to see Malcolm Barrett, a friend in the government's covert NID.

Barrett tells Carter about an even more shadowy organization operating deep within the NID, and reveals he had blackmailed Senator Kinsey into working with him to expose this splinter group. But that group got to the senator first. Barrett then takes Carter to an illegal arms dealer who had sold the murder weapon to Colonel O'Neill's double. There they find another gun the shooter had handled, and Barrett has it checked it for fingerprints. They are not O'Neill's. They belong to an NID agent named Mark Devlin.

Carter and Barrett pay Devlin a visit, but his house blows up—a trap. They barely escape. Meanwhile, Teal'c and Jonas have narrowed the number of suspects with access to the mimic devices down to one Dr. Langham, who was supposed to have died in a car crash.

Jonas and Teal'c track Dr. Langham down and take him into custody at SGC, where he comes clean about stealing the mimic devices and delivering them to the NID splinter group, The Committee. The group is out to take the alien technology SGC has collected and use it for monetary gain, and will kill anyone in their way—even a U.S. senator. Dr. Langham gives Hammond the group members' names in return for relocation to another world via the Stargate.

Major Carter decides to trust Agent Barrett with the intel on the mimic devices. He, in turn, trusts her with the fact that the senator is not dead but in a coma, under 24-hour guard, and that a Major Davis from the Pentagon is on his way there. But Davis is actually Agent Devlin, camouflaged as Davis so that he can kill the senator "again."

After completing his mission, Devlin reports back to The Committee, who instruct him to next threaten General Hammond's family and, if Hammond remains unintimidated, to kill him.

Just then, Agent Devlin morphs into Major Carter—who had used one of SGC's mimic prototypes to create a subterfuge and get the proof she needs to clear O'Neill. Carter and Barrett had apprehended Devlin earlier, and Carter had taken his place. Agent Barrett comes bursting in with his agents and takes The Committee into custody.

Kinsey makes a full recovery and exonerates O'Neill in public which, to O'Neill's displeasure, will ironically help get Kinsey elected president.

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