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U'kin was a Free Jaffa member of the Council and one of the strongest supporters to the cause espoused by Bra'tac and Teal'c. At some point, he was captured by Ba'al and subjected to the Goa'uld's mind control. He was not present during one of the votes when many Jaffa allied with Teal'c were changing their votes, and Teal'c questioned his absence. When Teal'c later visited U'kin, U'kin led him into a trap and arranged for his kidnapping. Teal'c was captured by Ba'al.

Bra'tac and Daniel later came to see U'kin, retracing Teal'c's steps. U'kin lied and told them Teal'c left alone an hour after arriving, saying he was returning to Dakara. Bra'tac saw through the lie and physically threatened U'kin. U'kin was frightened into revealing that Teal'c was taken, but he did not know where. Bra'tac was convinced U'kin did not know anymore and later explained to Daniel that he could tell from the Jaffa's eyes that he had been brainwashed.


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