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Goa'uld Vo'cum


The vo'cum is a small sphere that acts as a recording/playback device.

How It Works

The vo'cum will record images and sound and display them later as a projected hologram. The vo'cum can be activated for recording by passing a hand over the device (4.13 "Serpent's Venom"). A light in the "eye" will shine when the device is on. Pressing other buttons on the vo'cum will cause it to play back the image (3.09 "Rules of Engagement"). All or part of a recording can be recorded over by new data.

Stargate References

The vo'cum was first seen by SG-1 when they encountered a group of human slaves being trained by Apophis to infiltrate the SGC (3.09 "Rules of Engagement"). The device displayed a recorded image of Apophis who insisted the assembled group listen to "he who controlled the vo'cum," in other words, the one entrusted with the god's magic and image. By Teal'c invoking use of the device, he helped establish SG-1's authority over the "trainees". After they were able to convince the trainee's leader, Kyle, that Apophis was dead by showing him the video of the weakened Goa'uld back at Stargate Command, Major Carter came up with the idea of broadcasting the SGC video using the vo'cum. The Earth scientists had already made strides in creating an interface between the two different technologies&emdash;she just needed time to implement it.

While the rest of their team laid down cover fire, Carter and Teal'c broke into the tent holding the vo'cum device. Teal'c set up the vo'cum and Sam tried to interface it with her laptop. It took her several minutes to "match the frequency the vocume operates on before I can record and transmit." Once she did so, she was able to transfer the Apophis recording of his death and broadcast it to all the trainees, convincing them their god was not the all powerful being they had believed.

When Teal'c was kidnapped by Rak'nor and Terok, Terok activated a vo'cum to record Teal'c's torture sessions (4.13 "Serpent's Venom). Teal'c had become such a symbol to the rebel Jaffa movement, he wanted to record when Teal'c broke. "From this moment on, every tear you shed will be recorded…so that all Jaffa alive, now and forever more, will see how weak and powerless the great and powerful Teal'c really was before he died. They'll see how he came to understand how wrong he was about the Goa'uld. They will see you pray to the Gods for forgiveness and beg to be granted an honorable death." All Teal'c's sessions with Terok and the pain stick were recorded. Later, when a pitying Rak'nor offered Teal'c water, Teal'c did not want even accepting water be reocrded by the device as a sign of his weakness. Rak'nor had to assure him the vo'cum was turned off before Teal'c felt free to speak.

As Teal'c continued to resist, Terok became more frustrated. Teal'c noted to Rak'nor when they were alone that the vo'cum was only recording Terok's humiliation, not his own.



Apophis vo'cum hologram
Carter's doctored vo'cum image of Apophis
Teal'c seeing if vo'cum is on

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