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With the close of Stargate Atlantis as a television series, executive producer, writer, and co-showrunner Joseph Mallozzi shared some of his favorite moments with his weblog readers:

“So, looking back over the show’s five year run,” Mallozzi began, “certain moments and scenes do stand out for me: McKay delivering Teyla’s baby in Search and Rescue, Ronon coming down from the wraith enzyme in Broken Ties, McKay locking lips with Beckett in Duet, the big space battle over the replicator homeworld in Be All My Sins Remember’d, the wraith making himself up to Marilyn Manson in Vegas, Michael discovering his true identity in Michael, Teyla dispatching of Michael in The Prodigal, Ronon and Todd going down fighting side by side in The Last Man, Beckett’s goodbye fade at the end of Sunday, the wraith assault on Atlantis in Siege II, Todd changing the script by killing the other queen in The Queen – to name a few.”

Then, he follows up with an invitation: “What about all of you? If you had to narrow it down to three scenes or moments, which would be your favorites?”

You may share your favorites with Mallozzi AT THIS LINK (in the comments section at the bottom of the page). Mallozzi moderates the comments, so yours might not appear immediately.

And if you’d like to share your favorite moments with us here at Solutions, please leave them in the comment section below (more in our LJ). We’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Share Your Favorite SGA Moments”

  1. Limiting my favorites list to three is very difficult! Mallozzi “cheated” and gave many more than three! 😉

    He listed some of the ones that I liked the best, too.

    Others that come first to my mind include Sheppard and Todd in “Common Ground” (pretty much the whole episode), Rodney’s “how screwed we are” exclamation in “Thirty-Eight Minutes”, Daniel’s recognition of the Asgard in “The Lost Tribe” (it reminds me of the look he gave when he discovered Jim was Anubis in “Threads”), Teal’c’s declaration that he wanted a gun like Ronon’s and Ronon’s “get in line” reaction in “Midway”, the Sheppard and Beckett interaction in “Irresistible” (the only redeeming portion of that episode, IMO), Jack’s swimming scenes in “The Return”, and Beckett’s “wee baby turtles” (it took me a while to understand what he says there because of his thick accent but it’s just so endearing) in “The Return”.

    There are many others. I’ll be back. 😉

  2. Not surprising JM leaves out any Sheppard moments, but sort of pitiful really. My favorite moments are all the good John and Rodney ones, e.g. John telling Rodney he won’t let him sacrifice himself to Todd to save Jeannie, every John and Rodney scene in The Shrine, especially the classic pier and beer scene, John rescuing Rodney in Grace Under Pressure, hologram Rodney angsting over John in The Last Man… I could go on!

    Also loved Daniel and Daniel and Rodney together this season. That was magical.

    And of course all the good Carson moments, from the wee baby turtles to the entire Duet episode. And his compassion in Poisoning the Well.

    Just a few there. Lots to choose from in 5 seasons!

  3. My favourite SGA moments include: Rodney admitting his love for Jennifer as his memory deteriorated, Jennifer admitting her love for Rodney after he saved her life, the two of them kissing, Rodney getting his hero’s due in Harmony, Cadman aka Rodney kissing Beckett, Rodney and Sheppard with the beer and the pier, everything Daniel and Rodney, Sheppard’s grit under torture and finding common ground with the wraith feeding on him, Ronon kicking ass on Sateda, Teyla’s grace under pressure, poor Zelenka always being made to feel a day late and a dollar short by Rodney.

  4. So many!

    Sheppard pushing Rodney off the balcony in Hide & Seek. “That’s not the first thing we did.” “I shot him. In the leg!”

    The kiss in Duet.

    Rodney in The Hive. “This is what happens when you back a brilliant scientist into a corner!” and then kicking ass.

    The Shrine – Rodney panicking when he can’t find John and calling for him. The pier scene with Sheppard choking on his beer laughing.

    The infirmary scene in Sateda.

    Ronon taking on the head Wraith in Sateda.

    Rodney delivering Teyla’s baby.

    Carson and Ronon saying goodbye to each other when they put Carson in stasis.

    Rodney hugging Ronon and healing his scars in The Tao Of Rodney.

    John climbing up to the control room in Quarantine.

    I know there are so many more but I’d be here all day if I list them all.

  5. I’m back. 😉

    I was just thinking about some of the more emotional scenes that have stuck with me:

    Carson’s funeral — the bagpipes especially — in “Sunday”.

    The tribute to the crew of the Aurora in “Aurora”.

    Carson’s scene with Perna on her deathbed in “Poisoning the Well”.

    Elizabeth’s look back at Sheppard when she knew she was stepping into space in “Ghost in the Machine”. This scene is sadder watching it a second time when we know that she knows that she’s ending it.

    When Teyla puts Ronon to bed in “Trinity” and he’s all emotional from the realization that 300 of his people survived.

    When Ronon thanks an unconscious and dying Elizabeth in “Adrift”.

    I think I’ll stop for now. 😉

  6. McKay’s “Invulnerable” in Hide and Seek
    Sheppard killing 60 Genii in The Eye
    The drone hitting the Wraith in The Defiant One
    All of Duet
    McKay blowing up a solor system in Trinity
    The Aurora toast
    Telya’s song in Critical Mass
    Jack doing the backstroke in The Return
    The Horizon Missile drop in First Strike
    Zelenka and Sheppard’s jump in Adrift
    Your a good friend Arthur
    Asgard invading Atlantis

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