Brad Wright: Please Watch My Show

In a new interview at Blastr (formerly SciFiWire), Brad Wright gives viewers eight reasons to watch Stargate Universe. He uses hints from upcoming episodes as enticement, noting many open story lines will be addressed. Among these are Rush’s discovery of the bridge, the fate of the crew members who stayed behind in Season One’s “Faith”, the stress of dealing with Lucian Alliance member Simeon, and the progress of Chloe’s alien transformation. Referring to the first half of SGU’s second season, Wright says:

“I feel like the show has never been better and that there are folks who are digging it. The first 10 are just terrific. Obviously I’m proud of everything, but we did listen to some of the criticisms earlier on and worked on increasing the pace and increasing the adventure of the show, without changing the show entirely.”

Likely in reaction to the lower Nielsen ratings for SGU’s airing on Syfy channel this year, Wright makes a direct plea:

Wright has a request for fans. “Please watch my show. … I mean, ‘I’m loving the show. I downloaded it,’ … that does not keep us on the air. Viewers have to watch our show live on the same day, otherwise our television show is going to go away,” he said.

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10 thoughts on “Brad Wright: Please Watch My Show”

  1. Hey Brad, how come you never had to beg fans to watch SGA? How come all of a sudden you care about what the fans think? You sure didn’t care when you and others decided to ax SGA in its prime, never give a good reason why, and lied to the fans about making the movies. Now MGM has filed bankruptcy and somehow they say they will make the movies. How is that? You disrespected the fans then and you’re disrespecting them now by begging them to watch SGU. Like Colonel Sheppard always said…Buck up! If you can’t admit you all made a mistake then just do the right thing. Bring SGA back…WITH the same actors if they’ll even work with you again. THAT is what the fans want. And you won’t have to ever beg them to watch SGA. We, the fans, are here…waiting. Everyone seems to know that but you. You want a winning show again? SGA. Simple as that.

  2. Here in the UK we are into the 5 episode of the second season of SGU and being totally honest here I could barely tell you the names of half the characters. There is that something special missing from the whole SGU series, the spark, and the cohesion of the characters the team and community that was experienced in SG1 & SGA is missing. There is no fun or life in the new series. There was a brief glimpse of the Stargate we know and love in Cloverdale this week especially the AU element. On the whole we don’t want another Battlestar Galactica with the heavy dramatic and often depressing dark storyline which SGU seems to be turning into. I think the writers need to step back and look at what worked in the two previous series and incorporate that into SGU, Im sure then that the fans will be back.

  3. Hmm…Brad. You confuse me. First, didn’t want me when SGA was canceled because I was too old. Then when I voice an opinion you tell me that as an SGA fan I should just suck it up because I was a sheep and would follow the herd no matter what because the new baby had Stargate in its title. And if I didn’t like the show then to just not watch it.

    Then when I do what you say and not watch because really SGU is one huge mess of a bore fest…its suddenly all my fault because as an SGA fan I’m hurting your show?

    You really want to know why no one’s watching? Look in a mirror!

    The show is awful…the writing sucks, the production is awful and even the acting is beyond horrendous. But I can’t blame the actors. They’re only acting out the crap they were given in the first place. Face it, Brad and stop throwing stones at the SGA fans.

    You treated us like dirt and lied to us. Don’t expect us to answer to your pleas for help now.

  4. Sorry Brad but I do not even watch SyFy anymore since appearantly SGA fans are being cheated out of the movie.

  5. Yes I agree. Bring back SGA with same actors and do not use Joe Mallozzi and Paul Mullie.

  6. Brad
    You wanr us to watch your show. For one stop throwing stones at SGA fans. I wish SGU good luck and I do any show. Two if work on SGA Extinction has not stopped and is going to be made, then in the movie you and Mallozzi do what most Shepperd/Todd fans want. Pair them together. They make a good team. They read each others minds and know how to talk to each other.

  7. Also Brad if you and Mallozzi have anything bad happen to Shepperd it would not be the same in any other SGA movies. If there will be not other movies then send Shepperd/Todd off together to continue the fight against their enemies. And have them stop being at odds.

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