Michael Shanks in "Tower Prep" Tonight? (Updated)

UPDATE: – MSOL has gotten confirmation from the Turner Network that Shanks’ episode is the 6th, titled “Book Report”, and will be aired on November 16.

TOWER PREP LogoAs we said in our Stargate Planner for this day (Tuesday, November 2), we think that it is possible that Michael Shanks will be in tonight’s episode of Cartoon Network’s Tower Prep as Professor Literature.

The reason for the uncertainty is that we were under the impression that Stargate alum Peter DeLuise was the director of Shanks’ episode, but the IMDb record for tonight’s episode (which lists Shanks as a guest star) has a different director. There is an episode coming up next week that IMDb lists as having been directed by DeLuise, however.

We posed our question to MSOL, Shanks’ official website, and they responded at the website, “We’re waiting for confirmation from the Turner network – hope to have information in the next 24 hours – but just in case, tune in or set your DVRs for tomorrow night!”

That sounds like good advice and so we’re passing it on. Tower Prep airs on the Cartoon Network at 8 PM ET/PT and then the episodes are placed online for later viewing.

From the show’s official website: “What is Tower Prep? It’s an exclusive school for students with special abilities, but where it is or how they got there is still unexplained. And who knows what other mysteries will be explored?”