Stargate Universe: 2.09 "Visitation"

Camile Wray in VISITATION (MGM)
Camile Wray tries to discover the nature of an unexpected VISITATION (MGM)
Tonight (November 23) on Syfy at 9 PM ET: Stargate Universe episode 2.09 “Visitation”, written by newcomer Remi Aubuchon and directed by William Waring.

“Visitation” is one of those episodes filled with the typical mystery of being billions of lightyears away from home: There could be an incredible spiritual experience awaiting or an unbelievably crushing disaster. As it always is with any Stargate episode, it’s certain that there will be things going “wonko” and possibly emerging as a new thread in the already rich tapestry of the saga.

All that is to say that to include comments about this episode gleaned from interviews and blogs would be to give away spoilers, and we don’t do that here in the body of these teaser articles (but we do do it in our spoiler tags at the article’s end—Hint!).

What we can say about the episode is that we’ll be seeing some intriguing character development as faith is tested, an interesting skill is revealed, something valuable is gained, and a seemingly inevitable end is prepared for.

What are we talking about? Tune in tonight to find out and make sure to rejoin us here for our episode poll on the front page.

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SYFY: Crewmembers left behind on a seemingly ideal world over a year earlier make a mysterious return.

The Destiny crewmembers left behind on an idyllic planet over a year ago suddenly turn up aboard a shuttle, giving Tamara renewed hope of finding her lost daughter. The circumstances surrounding their surprising return remain a mystery however. Dr. Caine and the others have no memory of how they got there.

Young, fearing alien involvement, isolates Caine and company. Tamara’s examination of the former crew verifies not only their identity but also that they are all in perfect physical condition. The investigation of the shuttle reveals the same: it is like new. The mystery takes an unsettling turn when one of the returned crewmembers abruptly drops dead. Wray lobbies Young to let her use regression therapy in the hopes of learning what really happened back on the planet. Young agrees, but the memories stirred prove disastrous for those who’ve returned.

Meanwhile, as her alien transformation progresses, Chloe prepares her final goodbyes.

SKY: Emotions run high when the team are reunited with some familiar faces, but a few surprises are in store.

Destiny crew members left on an idyllic planet more than a year ago suddenly turn up aboard a shuttle, reigniting Tamara’s hopes of finding her lost daughter. Suspicions are aroused, however, when Dr Caine and co maintain that they have no memory of how they got there.

Fearing alien involvement, Young isolates his former comrades. His actions seem hasty, especially when Tamara’s examination not only verifies their identities but reveals them to be in perfect physical condition. The plot thickens nicely though, throwing up a tasty twist…

Meanwhile, as her alien transformation progresses, Chloe prepares her final goodbyes.[/spoiler]

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