Stargate Planner: Week of November 29-December 5

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Monday,   November 29
Tuesday,   November 30

Syfy: SGU 2.10 “Resurgence” at 9 PM ET, with a repeat at 11 PM.

Sky1/UK: SGU 2.09 “Visitation” at 9 PM.

Wednesday, December 1
Thursday,   December 2

SGU Season One episode on New Zealand’s Prime TV at 8:30 PM.

Friday,   December 3

Sci Fi/Australia: SGU 2.10 “Resurgence” at 8:30 PM.

Space/Canada: SGU 2.10 “Resurgence” at 10 PM ET.

Today is Rainbow Sun Francks‘s birthday! He’s currently shooting episodes of Canada’s The Listener as a new member of the cast in the show’s second season.

Saturday, December 4
Sunday, December 5 The Star Trek Cruise launches today, but unfortunately for their fans, Robert Picardo, John de Lancie, and Marina Sirtis all had to cancel due to work engagements.

News Notes

News Flashes and Brief Follow-Ups

Rachel Luttrell

  • Rachel Luttrell – She’s got a recurring role as a cop in Steven Seagal’s new show True Justice that’s shooting in Vancouver. At first we thought it was a single guest spot, but according to Luttrell herself in a recent interview at Demon’s FM, the role is recurring. We don’t know how many episodes she’ll be appearing in, but we’re hoping she’ll give us the heads-up once the show begins airing next year. Luttrell also said that her new romantic jazz CD will be coming out in time for Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2011).
  • Erick AvariSciFi and TV Talk Blog: Stargate SG-1’s Erick Avari – Full Circle.

Stargate Universe Press

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2 thoughts on “Stargate Planner: Week of November 29-December 5”

  1. Tuesday Nov 30: NZ Sky ch5 (The box) Burn Notice season’s final episode ‘ Lesser Evil’ with Michael Shanks as ‘Victor’. Repeats Wed Dec 1 at 01:50 & 10:35 am.

    Friday Dec 3 TV3, 23.30 – Burn Notice: same season (season 2) as Sky5, but earlier in the series. thsi weeks episode, ‘Comrades’ where Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) is up against the Russian mob.

    Also for NZ viewers, there are 5 episodes left in Season 1, SGU. for Michael Shanks fans, he will appear in the last 2.

    [EDITOR’S NOTE: Michael Shanks appears in SGU 1.18 “Subversion”, but not in the last two episodes of Season 1.5 (“Incursion Part 1”, “Incursion Part 2”). Fans of RDA and Amanda Tapping will see O’Neill and Carter in SGU 1.19 “Incursion Part 1”.]

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