Stargate Universe Season Two Wraps

sgu-castcrew-photo-season-2Stargate Universe executive producer Joseph Mallozzi has announced in his weblog that principal photography has wrapped for the show’s second season!

It’s been a great year and, looking back over the 20 episodes produced for SGU’s second season, I have to say I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished: great stories, grand arcs, wonderful character moments both big and small, set-ups, pay-offs, and more than a few surprises. As much as I’ve enjoyed working on these episodes, I’ve enjoyed hearing your reactions even more. So, thanks to everyone out there who has supported – and continues to support – the show! You aint seen nuthin’ yet!

Congratulations to the cast and crew for another season of Stargate! There is, of course, still post-production to be done over the next few months (Mallozzi has stated, “It takes us about six months from shooting to final.”), but basically, it’s all done as far as leaving the season in a cliffhanger is concerned (as is usual for Stargate). News of renewal may not come until January 2011, but even so, Mallozzi wrote about what the process would look like if a Season Three is given the green light:

At the end of every season, we’ll look back and take stock, discuss what worked and what didn’t from a creative standpoint, consider what the fans responded to and what didn’t work for them, receive input from the studio and network, and move forward. Suffice it to say that provided we get that third season pick up, season 3 will see some shocking, monumental developments.

Even though new scripts are not being written right now, Mallozzi stated that both Brad Wright and Carl Binder were already thinking up storylines for the new season. What is in store for the crew of Destiny? Mallozzi couldn’t tell, but teased, “Let’s just say the second season finale sets up a VERY INTERESTING scenario.”

New episodes of SGU are still being aired first on Syfy on Tuesdays at 9 PM ET. We’ve got two more episodes to go before the mid-season break. Make sure to visit Solutions’ Season Two index for guides (including spoilers) for all 20 episodes.

6 thoughts on “Stargate Universe Season Two Wraps”

  1. Thank God it’s wrapped and I hope it’s permanently. This series doesn’t deserve to be renewed. Afterall, Wright blames the Atlantis fans for “hurting” the show. Read the comments, Brad. A lot of Stargate fans gave SGU a try and found that it sucks. You can’t slap a “Stargate” name on it and expect people to just dumbly watch it. You’ve betrayed the spirit of the franchise, insulted the fans, and created a BSG wannabe that just isn’t. You went after a ‘younger’ demographic and they’re not watching. Take it off the air and bring back Stargate Atlantis. Your expensive experiment is a failure. Buck it up and move on by bringing back the “People’s Choice Award” winning Atlantis. The key words, Brad, are “People’s Choice”. They chose a long time ago and you blatantly ignored them. Both you and Mallozzi. We’re just not interested in your “VERY INTERESTING scenario” for SGU. We ARE interested in bringing back Atlantis or at least making the movies you claim to have spent so much time developing.

  2. Negative posts stating “we’re not interested” and that the show “doesn’t deserve to be renewed” are hurtful to fans of Stargate Universe. As a fan of the show, I just wanted fellow Stargate fans to be aware of that.

    How can anyone look at this picture of the cast and crew and wish that they didn’t have a job in these times? That’s just not right.

  3. Take a look at the cast and crew of Stargate Atlantis taken a few years back that lost their jobs when the powers that be axed them in favor of SGU and tell me that was right. The job market wasn’t looking very good back then either. Speaking of “hurtful”, it wasn’t “right” to cancel an award winning show without ever giving an adequate explanation that made any sense whatsoever. It wasn’t ‘right’ for Brad Wright to blame Atlantis fans for ‘hurting’ SGU’ as fewer people in their favored ‘demographic’ watched. It isn’t ‘right’ for Brad Wright and company to blame Atlantis fans for their failed experiment that disrespected all Stargate fans by thinking they could slap on a Stargate name to a subpar BSG wannabe and expect them to just dumbly follow. It wasn’t ‘right’ for Brad and company to ax Atlantis because they wanted to cater to a younger demographic that is now proving they’re not interested. They never had to beg SG-1 and Atlantis fans to watch those shows. Afterall, they made it blatantly obvious they didn’t care how ‘hurtful’ their actions were to the fans they used to have. I don’t think I need to make Stargate fans aware of all this. They already are.

  4. I never celebrated the loss of SGA’s jobs, nor wished that their show be canceled. That makes a big difference.

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