Stargate Briefing: Huffman, Judge, Luttrell, McGillion

Alaina Huffman Video Interview has posted a video interview with SGU star ALAINA HUFFMAN, entitled “Alaina Huffman can’t fake that baby bump,” which was recorded while she was appearing at the Armageddon conventions. They talked about her getting the role of Lt. Tamara Johansen in Stargate Universe, working with ROBERT CARLYLE, being a “super hero” on Smallville, and doing her own stunts…and of course, the “baby bump” — her fourth child.

Update on Judge’s Colonial Period Film To Have and to Hold

Compass Cayman’s “Colonial Period Film Shoots in Cayman” identifies CHRISTOPHER JUDGE as one of the three principal actors in the movie To Have and to Hold, a story about the early settlers of Virigina in the 1600s. According to this article, the movie is based off of the 1900 best-selling novel by the same name written by Mary Johnston. This is the third film to be made that’s based off of the book; the first two were silent films made in 1916 and 1922. It tells the story of an English couple who must survive imprisonment, shipwrecks, and pirate and Indian attacks while seeking a new life together in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619.

Luttrell’s True Justice Picked Up by ReelzChannel for US Airing

Digital Spy announced that fans of action star Steven Seagal will get to see him in his new cop show True Justice when it makes its American debut on ReelzChannel in March 2012. RACHEL LUTTRELL appeared in the episode “Urban Warfare, Part 1” as Lt. Humphreys. She filmed the guest spot a little over a year ago. According to the announcement made at, True Justice will be Reelz’s “first original series,” which is set on the tough streets of Seattle, Washington. ReelzChannel is Dish 299 and DirecTV 238 and may be available on your local cable system.

Paul McGillion to Appear at New Orleans Comic Con

Wizard World’s New Orleans Comic Con is coming January 28-29, 2012, and the promoters have sent out a press release announcing that Stargate star PAUL McGILLION will be there! Other Stargate vets attending include ADAM BALDWIN and SEAN PATRICK FLANERY.

The press release also provides the 2012 schedule for other Wizard World Comic Con events:

April 14-15 – Toronto Comic Con
June 1-3 – Philadelphia Comic Con
August 9-12 – Chicago Comic Con
September 29-30 – Mid-Ohio Comic Con
TBD, 2012 – Big Apple Comic Con
TBD, 2012 – Austin Comic Con

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  1. Paul McGillion’s Syfy movie ‘Gretl: With Hunter’ is said to air on SaturdaynFebruary 25th at 9 P.M. Or so Syfy says since it was SUPPOSED to air in November. Did anybody see his lovgely appearance in Hallmark’s ‘Christmas Magic’? Igt was sweet and he sang near the end but I really don’t believe that was him singing. Voice didn’t sound right. But it was really NICE to see him in a romantic role. He deserves more roles like that!

  2. Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll add it to our Coming Soon gallery, too. 🙂

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