Rachel Luttrell Guest Stars in New Steven Seagal Cop Show

Stargate star Rachel Luttrell has recently completed filming a guest spot in Vancouver “playing a cop on a cop show.”

For a while, her Twitter account was silent as she worked, but now that she’s done, she’s shared some more information about the experience: “Just finished working with Steve Seagal up here in Vancouver and he was lovely to me.”

Moviehole has more details about Southern Justice, the show that stars the action hero and martial artist Steven Seagal:

Seagal, who recently appeared in his own reality series (”Steven Seagal : Lawman”), is currently filming a new 13-part series titled “Southern Justice” (aka “True Justice”).

Seagal plays Elijah Kane the leader of an undercover group of cops that chases down the bad guys in the Seattle, Washington area.

”It’s being filmed from July to December in Vancouver, Canada”, a source on the production tells Moviehole. “There are 13 episodes ordered and it will air world wide through Voltage’s foreign sales efforts. It will be an action/crime drama – one hour procedural. Crime of the week kind of thing.”

We’ll keep our eyes open for more information, including when this show will be making its debut in 2011.

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  1. Oh, I remember Steve Bacic talking about this project at the LA con. He said he’s heard from friends they’re being really hard on the stunt men and actors in terms of what they’re asking them to do. I hope they’re nicer to Rachel!

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