Signed and sealed: RDA's amazing new charity pictures

Photo copyright: Peter Brown/Sea Shephered Conservation Society. Used by kind permission.

You may remember that earlier this year, Richard Dean Anderson broke his ankle. What he did next was amazing; despite his injury, he kept a promise to go out on the ice floes and be photographed with a harp seal to help publicise the fight against the Canadian seal hunt.

Thanks to Legends Memorabilia you can now buy these photos, which are autographed by Richard, and ALL the money from them will go to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Richard is a director of this charity, so this cause is very close to his heart. The photos are absolutely lovely, and you can get them here:

Here is the official press release from Legends Memorabilia:


August 1, 2005(Vancouver, BC): Richard Dean Anderson, Legends Memorabilia, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society announce the launch of the “Signed and Sealed” charity autograph project to raise funds to assist Sea Shepherd in their efforts to stop the slaughter of Canadian seals.

This project offers a unique selection of photos of Richard with the baby seals taken on the ice floes in March 2005. Each photo has been personally signed by Richard Dean Anderson, and every single cent of the proceeds will go to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The Canadian commercial seal hunt is the largest mass slaughter of marine mammals in the world, and Canada has slaughtered over 320,000 seals in March and April of 2005.

Paul Brown, President of Legends, said “We are delighted to help Richard and Sea Shepherd in their efforts to stop the seal hunt, and are confident that our many clients and friends around the world will join us in this project.

To view the selection of autographed photos available, please visit:

About Legends Memorabilia
Since its inception in 1995, Legends has undertaken numerous charity projects involving the sale of memorabilia for worthy causes. With clients in 65 countries, the company is a global player in the memorabilia industry.

Sea Shepherd Mission Statement
Sea Shepherd’s mission is to conserve and protect the world’s marine wilderness eco-systems and marine wildlife species. We accomplish these goals through public education, investigation, documentation and, where appropriate and where legal authority exists under international law or under agreement with national governments, enforcement of violations of the international treaties, laws and conventions designed to protect the oceans.

Sea Shepherd campaigns are guided by the United Nations World Charter for Nature. Sections 21-24 of the Charter provides authority to individuals to act on behalf of and enforce international conservation laws. Sea Shepherd cooperates fully with all international law enforcement agencies and its enforcement activities complying with standard practices of law and policing enforcement.

Sea Shepherd adheres to the utilization of non-violent principles in the course of all actions and has taken a standard against violence in the protection of the oceans.

For further information, please contact:

Paul Brown, President
Legends in Time Memorabilia Inc.
#103, 6360 202nd St.
Langley, BC, Canada, V2Y 1N2

Telephone: 604.534.1410
Fax: 604.534.5110


Ba’al vs. O’Neill on eBay!

Torturer or victim? You decide! Legends are about to begin their latest Stargate auction on eBay and amongst the items being sold are Ba’al and O’Neill’s hero costumes from “Abyss.” A hero costume is the one worn onscreen by the actor, so these are the actual costumes worn by Cliff Simon and Richard Dean Anderson.

Other items to be sold include the inner crystals from a DHD, Daniel’s hero Ra necklace from Full Circle, Osiris’ hero costume from “Chimera,” Sam’s hero flowers from “Chimera” and a Goa’uld vo’cum (camera) from “Serpent’s Venom.” There will be lots more props, costumes and items to come.

Items will start going up on eBay from 18th April, and you can find the auction by searching on the seller “stargateprops” which will take you to their listing. More items will be added as the auction progresses.


RDA goes nuts to support firefighters

RDA in Vancouver Firefighter's uniform

Richard Dean Anderson is one of a group of celebrities who have contributed recipes to a charity cookbook, “Pot on the Stove”, which was put together by the Vancouver Firefighters in support of BC Children’s Hospital. Richard’s recipe is for Chocolate Hazelnut Coconut cake and is accompanied by a photograph of him in a fire truck.

The book also contains recipes from celebrities including Sarah McLachlan and Jamie Oliver, a pictoral history of the Vancouver Fire Department, fire prevention tips, and a selection of great photographs.

“Pot on the Stove” is available at Chapters, Duthies and London Drugs in Canada and can also be ordered online at the Vancouver Firefighters website; they ship internationally.

Please note: the photograph on this page is not in the book, and is used with the kind permission of the Vancouver Firefighters. — Jonathan Cruz Photography.


Hathor takes over Basildon

Suanne Braun, who played Hathor, will be at the Basildon Sci-fi, Movie, Trading Card and Collectors Fair in Basildon, England on Sunday 30th January. Suanne has recently been filming a new tv show called “Star Hyke” with Claudia Christian.

If you would like to go along and meet Suanne, you can find the details here.


Stargate Cast Support Charity Autographs Site

Actors from Stargate are taking part in a new project with two aims: to benefit charities and to stop dealers from selling fake autographs to fans. In conjunction with Legends Memorabilia, a number of actors including Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping and Chris Judge are selling signed photographs and scripts at Every item comes with a certificate of authenticity and is guaranteed genuine.

Recently, the actors were shocked when they were made aware how many fake autographs are being sold on auction sites and through dealers. Legends, who have run charity auctions for Stargate and Andromeda, offered to provide a free service to help stamp out forgeries and raise money for causes chosen by the Stargate actors. The only extra charge on the autographed items will be postage to wherever you live; 100% of the profits go to charity.

This is your chance to support some very good causes and to own something special; photos being sold include signed group shots of SG-1, and for longtime RDA fans, there are signed photos of MacGyver as well as Jack O’Neill.

You may have noticed that Solutions have had several announcements about Legends Memorabilia of late. Why? Because we want fans to be able to buy safely from people who care about giving them genuine autographs and quality products. We have seen autographs on eBay and at cons which we knew were fake; in some cases it didn’t even look like the actor’s writing! The best way to stop this happening is for fans to have somewhere safe to buy autographs if they want them.

Similarly, we’ve seen some very poor homemade merchandise being sold as if it were licensed by MGM. It can be very hard to know from a small description on an auction site whether an item is worth having. If you buy from Legends you will get what you pay for and it will be good quality. Legends have supported a number of charity auctions at cons, and respect fans rather than exploiting them. We wish there were people like them working in other sci-fi fandoms.

Solutions would like to congratulate everyone involved in this project; sci-fi fans have been ripped off long enough and it’s great to see Legends and the Stargate cast working to help fans and charities. Please see our story SG-1 CAST ENDORSED STARGATEAUTOGRAPHS.COM LAUNCHES for a press release from Legends including a special message from Richard Dean Anderson.


Exclusive: Season 9 Cast Changes

So, will Don Davis be in Season 9? At the L3 convention this weekend Peter DeLuise was surprised I even asked. “That’s no secret,” he said, and confirmed that Don would definitely be in the next season if it happens. However, Peter says negotiations are still taking place on how many episodes he will appear in. Will General Hammond command the SGC or simply keep an eye on things? Either way, his return is most welcome.

Meanwhile, Martin Wood invited the audience at L3 to ask him if Stargate Atlantis was the only Stargate spin-off they’d been discussing or whether there was something else. When the audience asked if there was, he pulled a wouldn’t-you-like-to-know-but-the-answer-is-yes face, and told us nothing! Martin also said we could expect “cast changes” in Season 9.

Later, I asked Martin Wood if Claudia Black’s Season 8 appearance was a one-off or whether we could expect to see her again in Season 9. He didn’t answer, but he pulled that face again. As with Don, there is no knowing how much Claudia will be in the show but judging solely on Martin’s expression, I would not be at all surprised if Vala became a recurring character. That said, I’m no judge of face-pulling so keep your eyes open for more news as we get it. Perhaps TPTB are waiting to see how fans feel about Vala before a final decision is made.

While I’m spinning out wild theories – if spin-offs are being considered, perhaps Daniel and Vala have a future beyond Stargate? Or maybe the Egyptians didn’t build the pyramids and it was really aliens…no, that’s going too far.


Views: A Surprise for S9?

This opinion piece has no major spoilers for season 9 of Stargate but if my theory is right, it’s a spoiler. Spoilerphobes, please consider yourselves warned.

From what Michael Greenburg said at London Film & Comic Con, actor negotiations are still taking place (they definitely still were then). He predicted that Richard Dean Anderson would do four episodes in season 9 (although that situation could, of course, change in negotiations). Amanda Tapping is pregnant which may affect the amount we see of Sam in s9. The writers and TPTB certainly have to consider the possibility that we may have less of Sam than usual.

So the predicted situation for season 9 is SG-0.5 and no General O’Neill at the SGC for most of the season.

On the same weekend as LFCC Don Davis was at the Wolf SG-8 con and said that he will not now be doing the art show he was working so hard on because he’d been offered a regular acting job on a television series which meant giving up other commitments for the time being. Don usually gives us details of his projects, but was uncharacteristically quiet about this one.

Now who is the only man fans would accept as General at the SGC instead of Jack? Who is probably the only actor the fans would accept with open arms and no unfavourable comparisons with RDA or Don Davis? And given how hard Don was working on his art show, for what tv show would he be willing to give that up? Don cares about his art, but he also cares about his friends at Stargate very much too, and he cares about the show itself which is why he left in the first place.

TPTB are looking at a season of Stargate SG-0.5 and no Janet (be sure your sins will find you out, boys!), so how can they make fans happy?

Well, why not bring back fan favourite Don Davis? It’s easy to bring Hammond back if Jack isn’t going to be around enough to command the SGC, and since fans of every persuasion love George Hammond, TPTB would actually please everyone for once.

Look at the press release we put up on Solutions recently: “MGM is currently in negotiations with the original cast for their return.” That could easily include Don Davis.

The only way this can’t happen is if Don already accepted a part on another show. If he’s actually negotiating with Stargate, he may well have been asked to keep quiet about it so TPTB can surprise fans by compensating with some good news when they have to announce RDA’s diminished role.

I love watching General O’Neill, but if I can’t watch him I’ll be very happy with General Hammond. Let’s hope that TPTB have the good sense to bring him back.



Shanks and Judge: the future of the franchise?Fans gained an insight into the future for Stargate at London Film and Comic Con this weekend. During the Stargate talk, executive producer Michael Greenburg remarked that “the ratings went up” when Michael Shanks returned to the show, “and have been high ever since”.

Asked in the official Stargate magazine whether Stargate could continue without Richard Dean Anderson, Greenburg comments:

“…It would be a big loss. But the Stargate brand and franchise is obviously strong enough to get big numbers on its own. Stargate: Atlantis is showing that”.

Stargate SG-1 is showing the same trend as audience figures have increased despite Richard Dean Anderson’s reduced role. Season 9 has not been officially announced, but Michael Greenburg said in London that SG-1 should go on to “Season 9,10,11…” and that there are still many storylines to explore.

According to Greenburg, if Season 9 is confirmed Richard Dean Anderson will do only four episodes and Amanda Tapping will be absent for some of the season due to her pregnancy. While fans will undoubtably miss them, it sounds as though Bridge have been asking themselves who could carry Season 9 and they have decided Michael Shanks is their man.



Those of you who attended Gatecon will remember the amazing props and costumes put on display by Legends Memorabilia. Many of those items are now being sold in a huge auction on eBay which features items such as Sam and Jack’s wedding photo from “Point of View”, the Eye of Ra, Jack O’Neill’s warning note from “2010” and costumes worn by Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal’c, Jonas and Janet.

Here are the details from Legends Memorabilia:

To celebrate the beginning of a brand new season of STARGATE SG-1, as well as the birth of STARGATE ATLANTIS, MGM Worldwide Television and Legends Memorabilia are delighted to bring you a brand new SG-1 SPECIAL EVENT AUCTION SALE!

This sale includes approximately 200 of the most outstanding props and costumes that have ever been released by the studio. So good in fact, that we feel this will be one of the most popular STARGATE ‘set’ auctions that we have ever held! Here are some of the highlight items to look out for:

  • The original ‘Eye of Ra’ prop
  • O’Neill’s note that came through the gate in ‘2010’
  • A working T.E.R. gun!
  • The spectacular ‘bomb’ device that was featured in ‘Proving Ground’ (this is a working prop)
  • Daniel Jackson’s resignation letter – actually written by Michael Shanks himself!
  • A Goa’uld healing device (this is a working prop)
  • ‘THE’ O’Neill/Carter wedding photo from ‘Point of View’!
  • Naquada reactor (working prop)
  • The ‘transportation device’ used in Paradise Lost (this is a working prop)
  • Spectacular black stone tablet from ‘Chimera’
  • BRAND NEW Studio Concept Art (we are releasing the exclusive #1/100 prints from the new editions!)
  • Some great costumes worn on the set by: JACK O’NEILL, DANIEL JACKSON, SAMANTHA CARTER, TEAL’C, JONAS QUINN and more….including Janet Fraiser’s costume from “Heroes”!

From the Studio Publicity Department we have a superb selection of rare and unusual items including:

  • Rare, collectible magazines and Press Kits featuring Stargate SG-1.
  • Episode ‘Shooting Schedules’
  • Signed script pages
  • Autographed props, photos and design art

And many many more fantastic items!

The auction begins on July 30th and will run for 3 weeks with new items being added every day!

**Special update notice concerning Stargate auctions **

In the future, our new auction policy will be to run just 2 to 3 Stargate auctions per year, subject to availability of the release of the items from the studio. With this in mind, don’t miss this opportunity to get yourself something very special from this great series. Remember, most of the items on sale are one-of-a-kind ‘hero’ props and this may be the only chance you have to get that very special prop or costume.

As well as being highly collectible, we consider props and costumes used in the production of Stargate SG-1 to be wise investments. As this series continues its run as the leading Sci-Fi show on television and moves closer to legendary status, these items will become even more highly prized possessions in years to come.

We look forward to having you join us for this great event and for your convenience, you may click here to go directly to the auction information on eBay. Good luck in your bidding!