Paul McGillion Guesting on "Once Upon a Time" Tonight

PAUL McGILLION will be playing the Knave of Hearts in tonight’s episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. The story, titled “Hat Trick,” is a modern-day interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, but with the twist that characters from fairy tales are actually alive and have been cursed by an evil queen to live in our … Continue reading “Paul McGillion Guesting on "Once Upon a Time" Tonight”

Paul McGillion Joins Twitter Too

Just a day after @MichaelShanks, Stargate Atlantis’s own Paul McGillion has joined twitter as well! Follow him at @PaulyMcGillion. It seems @JewelStaite convinced him to join: Holy shit guys. Guess what? I finally did it! Follow Paul McGillion on twitter @PaulyMcGillion. I am the puppet master. Thank me later. After gaining hundreds of followers in … Continue reading “Paul McGillion Joins Twitter Too”

Reminder: Paul McGillion in "Christmas Magic"

Stargate star PAUL McGILLION portrays a widower who’s at the end of his hope when an angel is selected to intervene in Hallmark Channel’s Christmas Magic. The new movie premieres tonight, December 18, at 8 ET/PT and 7 Central. Visit the movie’s homepage at for more about the movie, a photo gallery, cast profiles, … Continue reading “Reminder: Paul McGillion in "Christmas Magic"”

Paul McGillion in Hallmark’s "Finding a Family"

Apologies to fans of PAUL McGILLION for missing the premiere of his Hallmark movie Finding a Family (Saturday, October 15). But good news! Hallmark Movie Channel will be airing the movie today, October 16: 12:00 PM ET, 2:00 PM ET, 8:00 PM ET, and 10:00 PM ET! The storyline, from TV Guide: “An ambitious teen … Continue reading “Paul McGillion in Hallmark’s "Finding a Family"”

Paul McGillion Wins Leo Award for Short Drama

Stargate actor Paul McGillion was awarded the Best Performance by a Male in a Short Drama Leo Award for his short A Fine Young Man! Congratulations! The short film, which runs thirteen minutes, is set during the Cold War days of the 1960s. McGillion plays Mr. Barton Grant, one of two government men who go … Continue reading “Paul McGillion Wins Leo Award for Short Drama”

Paul McGillion Gets Part in J.J. Abrams Pilot "Alcatraz"

Stargate star Paul McGillion has landed a role in J.J. Abrams’s pilot Alcatraz, according to Abrams has a tendency to cast those who have appeared in his previous projects, and McGillion is no exception, having obtained a role in the Star Trek reboot in 2007. The project began filming today in San Francisco (additional … Continue reading “Paul McGillion Gets Part in J.J. Abrams Pilot "Alcatraz"”

Paul McGillion to Star in Alien Abduction Movie "A70"

Stargate star Paul McGillion will be starring in the film A70 that’s based on an alien encounter two men in Scotland reported experiencing in 1992. McGillion has been confirmed by the movie’s production office to portray Garry Wood, while Lord of the Rings star Billy Boyd has been approached to portray Wood’s friend Colin Wright. … Continue reading “Paul McGillion to Star in Alien Abduction Movie "A70"”