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Pharrin tells Keenin about Ardena


Ardena was the name of the planet the Stromos and two other ships was heading towards when their home planet, Talthus, was about to be destroyed. Questions remain as to why and how Ardena was chosen as their new world, but according to Pharrin’s explanation to his son Keenin, it was far enough away that hundreds of years would have passed during the journey. The Sovereign Martice was destined to rule over Ardena.

The Talthus people had not mastered faster-than-light travel, but used a different technology to travel between star systems. They put themselves in a type of stasis called cryosleep, and the ship maneuvered automatically. The Stromos crashed on P2A-347 en route to Ardena, but as far as is known, the other two ships continued to travel to the new planet.

The survivors of the Stromos were helped by the SGC, who were searching to see if Ardena had a Stargate. It is unclear whether the people on board the Stromos arrived at Ardena, or made another world their new home.

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It is unknown whether or not Ardena has a Stargate.


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