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An entire world has been lost, the few survivors frozen and their personalities stored in databases in ships. When one ship crashes, the intelligences become desperate as power fails. When their bodies are destroyed, they invade Daniel Jackson's mind against his will and force him to become their 'lifeboat'. Can Janet and SG-1 save Daniel?

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When a MALP sent to Planet P2A347 detects a distress beacon, SG-1 'gates to that world and finds a crashed spaceship containing hundreds of people in cryogenic sleep. Colonel O'Neill orders a headcount during which he, Teal'c, Daniel Jackson and Major Carter are all stunned by an unseen weapon. Teal'c awakens first to find Carter and O'Neill still unconscious and Daniel hysterical. SG-4 extracts the team back to SGC, where Dr. Fraiser implements security protocols and places Daniel under restraint. He is wildly out of control, claiming to be Martice, a Sovereign of Talthus from the starship Stromos bound for the planet Ardena.

But Martice is not the only consciousness residing in Daniel. According to his EEG readings, Daniel has retreated into a coma while a dozen other personalities take turns speaking through him. The most rational of these is Tryan, Engineer Second Rank of the Stromos. According to him, each cryosleeper's consciousness is stored in an active-matrix memory module to keep it from deteriorating during long voyages. There is no way to separate the cryosleeper from its consciousness or send it to any other than its corresponding body--unless that person is dead.

It is now surmised that someone onboard the Stromos was revived, stunned SG-1 and, because the ship is rapidly losing power and cannot sustain the cryochambers much longer, transferred the souls of the dying into Daniel so they could survive. In essence, Daniel has become a lifeboat.

While Carter and Teal'c head a team back to the ship to search for the party responsible, Dr. Frasier meets another of the souls Daniel carries--a small boy named Keenin. He tells her how their planet was doomed to destruction and how three ships were built to carry three thousand people picked by lottery to go the planet Ardena, where they would repopulate their species. Because Keenin's father was a crewmember, he was allowed to take one family member. He picked Keenin.

Back on the Stromos, Teal'c and Carter corner the revived crewmember, Pharrin. He himself is carrying a dozen souls. He bypassed the cryosleep systems' fail-safes in a desperate attempt to save his race. Carter tells him and the others inside him that SGC can hook up a Naquadah generator to the ship to supply the power needed to resuscitate the cryosleepers. Then they could relocate his people to another world via Stargate--if Pharrin promises to separate Daniel from the souls he's carrying. It's a horrifying choice because those souls will be lost forever--and one of them is Pharrin's son, Keenin.

Pharrin decides to cooperate and now must convince the ones inside Daniel, especially the arrogant Martice, to leave Daniel's body and die so that their race can live. Martice will not cooperate and as Sovereign orders Pharrin not to perform the separation. But he is replaced by Keenin--and after father and son say their tearful goodbyes, Pharrin defies Martice for the good of his race. The ship's power is replenished, Daniel is restored and the cryosleepers can now be awakened and relocated to a new world.


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