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Android Reese


The android named Reese was the creator of the Replicators and was introduced in the episode, 5.19 "Menace".

Character Biography

SG-1 followed the faint energy readings on a planet void of life and discovered Reese on a slab, her face covered with a veil. Carter recognized that the energy readings came from Reese and the team decided to bring her back to the SGC for study.

Carter and Dr. Fraiser studied the android and determined that it was constructed with nanotechnology. It was unlike anything they had seen before. They were able to charge Reese's power supply and soon, Reese was "awake". When she immediately asked for her father, Daniel realized that she might not have been aware that she was a machine. He convinced his teammates to allow him to talk with her and get to know her before he revealed such knowledge to her because, even though she was in the body of a woman, she acted as though she were a child.

The SGC got Reese settled into an observation room and she happily played with toys and took a great deal of liking to Daniel. He spent time with her telling her about Earth. Daniel was curious about what had happened on her world, but she consistently avoided the subject. Reese made a toy for Daniel by reshaping metal objects in her hand. She wanted him to be her playmate and she was eager to share her toys.

Finally, Jack and Carter convinced Daniel to tell Reese that she was a machine. When he told her that she was different, she pushed him with enough force to throw him across the room and into a shelving unit. Dr. Fraiser had to give him stitches on his scalp from the attack. Daniel was forgiving, but the rest of his team was not as generous. What they saw was an unstable machine, while Daniel saw a person.

Reese and Daniel made up after the attack and she presented him with her newest creation—a Replicator! Daniel was very reluctant to accept her toy, but he did have it removed and placed in a container. Teal'c kept a loaded automatic rifle with him as he guarded the bug-like creation. At this point, Jack and Daniel had to approach her about her toys and what happened to her world.

Reese revealed that she created the Replicators as toys and then people began to show fear, thinking that Reese's creator had made her wrong. She taught her toys to make more of themselves and to protect themselves and her, but then they started to attack her world and she found she no longer had control over them. The toys killed everyone and left. Reese was alone, so she went to sleep.

Because Jack said that he wanted her help to stop the Replicators, Reese felt that the SGC wanted to destroy her as well. She was able to escape from her isolation room and gain access to the stargate and to the computer system. Daniel proposed to go in and convince her that she should shut down her toys and work on a solution with them. Carter said that he should try to shut her off by removing her power source in her neck. Reese gave Daniel permission to enter the embarkation room where she and her toys were assembled. Daniel tried to convince Reese to come with him so that he could show her his world, but she realized that he was attempting to turn her off and she injured his wrist. Daniel, in pain and on the floor among all of Reese's toys, was at Reese's mercy, but she did not kill him.

Carter and General Hammond set the SGC self-destruct to prevent the Replicators from getting off of the base while Jack and Teal'c led an assault on the Replicators which Reese released into the base. Daniel continued to try to convince Reese that he was her friend and that he needed her to shut down her toys and herself so that they could figure out how her "father" had made her wrong. He promised that he'd be the one to wake her up and she appeared to take comfort in that. It seemed unclear if she decided to disable the Replicators because Jack gained access to the embarkation room and shot Reese with enough gun power to shut her down. Reese looked into Daniel's eyes as she began to fade and it appeared that she voluntarily shut the Replicators down as she ceased to function.

Daniel sat on the floor next to her still body and cried. Jack said that there was no other choice in destroying Reese.

During the time that Reese was at the SGC, SG-2 had made attempts to contact the Asgard from the K'Tau Hall of Wisdom (from 5.05 "Red Sky"). Eventually, Freyr, the Asgard protector of K'Tau, answered the call (5.22 "Revelations"). Reese was damaged beyond repair, something Daniel was trying to avoid when he tried to talk her into trusting him, but the Asgard were able to find within her systems a beacon which they used to call all of the Replicators to one place—the planet Hala. There, the Asgard set a trap for them with a device which would form a time dilation bubble around them so that time would pass very slowly for the Replicators while the Asgard figured a way to rid them completely. One of the tiny nanites was able to get into the device and turn it in the opposite direction so that their time advanced more quickly. When that happened, Reese's toys evolved themselves into her image, taking on human form and programming themselves. The nanite that became the Human Form Replicator named First then set out to create more of his kind, each time attempting to overcome the flaw which was present in Reese. He considered the Human Form Replicator Fifth to be a failure because Fifth showed signs of humanity, so he continued on by creating Sixth. (6.12 "Unnatural Selection")

SG-1 was able to trap the Human Form Replicators in the time dilation bubble, but unfortunately, Reese's toys had evolved into a more powerful enemy which would prove to be even more difficult to destroy once they gained access to the device and freed themselves from its effects. (8.01 "New Order Part 1")



Reese's power supply
Reese pushes Daniel in anger
Reese shows Daniel her new toy
Reese injures Daniel for his deception
Jack neutralizes Reese
Daniel mourns for Reese

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