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When SG-1 is marooned in deep space, Thor and the Asgard come to the rescue. They then seek O'Neill's help to combat the Replicators who have overrun their home world. Convinced they will attack Earth if not stopped, O'Neill stages a daring mission to stop the Replicators once and for all.

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Having just saved the interstellar starship X-303 a.k.a. Prometheus, SG-1 find themselves in an unknown part of the universe with an Asgard ship in front of them and Supreme Asgard Commander Thor on their bridge asking Colonel Jack O'Neill and his team for help against the Replicators that have taken over his homeworld.

The Asgard, having lost their war, had set a trap. After studying the android Reese, who'd created the first generation of Replicators, the Asgard found a key command in her programming that would call the Replicators to a signal. The Asgard had broadcast that signal through subspace, and set a time-dilation device that would, according to Major Carter, create a time bubble around the Replicators' space so that what would seem to them a year would actually be 10,000 years. The Asgard would have eons to devise a way to stop the Replicators.

But the plan didn't work. The device didn't go off. Thor explains Earth is in danger as well, and asks SG-1 to go to the planet and fix the device. Since the Replicators are only interested in eating advanced technology, the "primitive" X-303 and weapons would pass through their scans.

Hammond and the President approve the plan via an Asgardian holographic com link. Thor and his crew then escort SG-1 as close to the planet as they dare. They discover the time-dilation device is working well—too well: The Replicators have sped it up so that they were now ahead of human time.

On the ground, SG-1 makes its way toward the only structure not devoured by the Replicators. There Carter finds the Asgard device. But while she tries to reset it, a group of good-looking men and women walk in and introduce themselves as Replicators in human form. They order SG-1 not to slow down the device. O'Neill, Jonas Quinn, and Teal'c open fire, to no effect.

The humanoids explain they are the next step in Replicator evolution. The leader thrusts his hand into O'Neill's head to enter his subconscious. Each time O'Neill resists, the Replicator makes him experience over and over again the pain of losing his son.

Teal'c, Jonas, Carter, and O'Neill wake up 30-odd hours later to find that they all have had similar experiences. At dinner, the leader, First, says that since the humanoid Replicators are moving faster in time than everyone else, they'll be an army in a few short years. He explains that they evolved to look like humans by following Reese's original programming and design. They had tried to correct Reese's flawed programming with Fifth. But he came out too human, says First.

The next time the Replicators explore SG-1's minds, Carter makes sure she mind-melds with Fifth, who is obviously attracted to her. When SG-1 regains consciousness, Carter says she has convinced Fifth to reconfigure the device so she can reset it, in exchange for letting him come with SG-1 to Earth. Fifth stays behind a few minutes to divert the Replicators so SG-1 can escape. But O'Neill orders Carter to tell Fifth that she was setting the device for five minutes instead of the three O'Neill actually required.

The device goes off, slowing the Replicators' time frame enough to give the Asgard thousands of years to stop them. But Fifth remains trapped on the planet—his last thought before the device goes off being that he was betrayed.


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