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Only Daniel Jackson knows of the Goa'uld plans to invade Earth. Despite the injury he sustained in escaping the other reality, no one takes his warnings seriously, not even Jack and his friends on SG-1. The adversarial Senator Kinsey has chosen to terminate the costly Stargate Program and close the gate forever just as Earth faces its worst threat.

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Having escaped marauding Goa'uld in another Earth reality, Dr. Daniel Jackson warns that it is only a matter of time before they launch an attack in this one. But the Stargate program faces a more immediate threat—this from Senator Kinsey, powerful chairman of the Appropriations Committee and the man who oversees Stargate's multi-billion-dollar budget. Kinsey sees the program as a wasteful fat cat with dubious goals, and he vows to shut it down. As he reviews the past missions with General Hammond, Colonel Jack O'Neill, and the SG-1 team, he dismisses the danger presented by the Goa'uld, despite warnings from Teal'c of their power. Even Daniel's desperate warning of an imminent attack won't sway the senator, who is determined to bury the gate and put the program out of business.


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