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When a beautiful high priestess from the planet Chulak claims to have a plan that would seriously cripple the Goa'uld, everyone is understandably skeptical. SG-1 must join forces with the Tok'ra in order to put her plan into effect, but a deadly, hidden secret could jeopardize the entire operation!

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SG-1 responds to an incoming wormhole with their ally Bra'tac's signal. Instead of Bra'tac, they find Shan'auc, who tells them that she has come on behalf of Bra'tac. Teal'c goes to Shan'auc and it is immediately evident to all that the two share chemistry and history. Shan'auc claims to have discovered a way to communicate with her symbiote, and it, in turn, has shared memories with her. These memories, she believes, could be the means to defeat the Goa'uld. She claims that through their communications, she has convinced her symbiote that the Goa'uld are evil. The symbiote is prepared to tell all it knows to the Tok'ra. Teal'c remains skeptical of Shan'auc's claim, until he himself shares a memory with his symbiote. The Tok'ra agree that Sha'auc's symbiote is of great value and find a willing Tok'ra host for it. Will the symbiote continue to tell its secrets and offer a method to defeat the Goa'uld—or has it cleverly deceived Sha'auc, SG-1, and the Tok'ra?


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