Hebron of Parabal

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Hebron of Parabal
Hebron taken violently as host to the Goa'uld Tanith


Hebron of Parabal volunteered to become a Tok'ra host, in the episode, 4.04 "Crossroads".

Character Biography

Hebron felt honored that he would share his life with the symbiote he was about to receive from Jaffa Priestess Shaun'auc. The symbiote, Tanith, was matured to the point that he needed a host immediately and did not wait until the ceremony to blend with Hebron. The symbiote jumped from Shaun'auc's pouch and pierced Hebron's throat to gain access. This act was not usual for the Goa'uld or the Tok'ra. The Goa'uld take their hosts through the back of the neck and the Tok'ra, through the mouth. Tanith was supposed to have been turned from his evil ways by communing with Shaun'auc through meditation, but he tricked her. He was not converted to become a Tok'ra, but he remained among them as a spy for the Goa'uld, specifically Apophis. The Tok'ra knew that he was a spy and used him to feed false information to the Goa'uld about the Tok'ra.

One of the first acts that Tanith did while being hosted by Hebron was to kill Shaun'auc for daring to touch his mind while he was being carried in her pouch.

SG-1 expressed their sorrow about Hebron because he did not get what he volunteered for. Instead of sharing his body with a Tok'ra symbiote, his identity was taken from him by the Goa'uld Tanith. The Tok'ra Anise assured SG-1 that once they were through using Tanith, they would extract him from Hebron, but she also said that Hebron knew the risks before volunteering.

Hebron was freed from Tanith through death, in the episode, 5.14 "48 Hours".


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