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A decade in the future, Earth's alliance with a highly intelligent race of aliens has rendered SGC obsolete. But when Carter, now married to a human ambassador to the aliens, uncovers a terrifying secret about these "benevolent" beings, she must reassemble SG-1 to send an urgent message to the past.

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MGM/SciFi.com Official Summary

It's 2010 and a lot has happened in ten years. The Goa'uld have been defeated and diseases such as cancer have been wiped out. Earth's saviors are an alien race known as the the Aschen. Their advanced technology has not only ensured the planet's safety, but it has won them the respect and friendship of all humanity. In spite of vast medical advancements however, Major Samantha Carter and her husband Joe are unable to conceive a child.

The Aschen doctors insist Carter is fine, but Dr. Fraiser's tests reveal something very different. The Aschen have been lying all along. Carter's investigation reveals an insidious plot to wipe out the human race through a process of slow attrition, but dealing with this alien threat seems virtually impossible. The Aschen have become entrenched in Earth society. They hold the reins of power. Challenging them would mean certain defeat. Finally, SG-1 comes to realize that there is still hope—ten years in the past.


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