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When SGC commander General Hammond steps down saying he's "too old for the job," SG-1 immediately suspects foul play. And when a hard-nosed new general steps in to replace him and splits up SG-1, they vow to solve the mystery and get their beloved General Hammond back at the helm.

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When General Hammond announces he is stepping down as head of SGC, Colonel Jack O'Neill suspects that there is more to his decision than he is letting on. O'Neill is right—as he discovers, the NID was behind the change of command. Fed up with the general's inability to acquire alien technology through whatever means necessary, it pressured him into resigning. When Hammond's replacement, the hawkish General Bauer, breaks up SG-1 and assigns Major Samantha Carter the task of building a planet-killing Naquadah bomb, O'Neill decides to take on the NID. But his success will rest in the hands of a most unlikely ally: the traitorous Colonel Maybourne.


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