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SG-1 travels to a planet to investigate a machine that induces narcotic pleasure. But when they try to leave the planet, they are overcome with debilitating withdrawal symptoms, forcing them to stay. Can they free themselves from this addiction before it consumes them utterly?

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One member of an SGC unit has committed suicide and three others, including Dr. Daniel Jackson, are near death. Their condition is a mystery, but the answer could well lie in a strange offworld temple. Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, and Teal'c check out the site and discover a room with a mesmerizing light display. They conclude that the temple was, at one point, a Goa'uld pleasure palace. As their investigation progresses, they come to realize that the temple is directly affecting their brain physiology—delivering euphoric highs while they are on its premises, and debilitating lows of withdrawal when they attempt to leave. Trapped, they must find a way to break this otherworldly addiction. A young man who is seemingly unaffected by the strange environment may hold the key to their salvation.


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