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Quinn is conflicted when an old professor from his home planet asks SG-1 to help stage a coup against the Kelownan government in order to stop a civil war. Should SG-1 allow the planet to destroy itself…or are they placing themselves in needless danger?

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After communicating a plea for help, delegates from Jonas Quinn's otherplanetary homeland, Kelowna, are due to arrive through the 'Gate at Stargate Command.

Jonas is nervous about meeting his fellow Kelownans since they consider him a traitor for taking Naquadria—a derivative of Naquadah, the metal that allows Stargate teleportation—from their planet, P9Y-4C3. The Naquadria could help Earth create shields and weapons capable of repelling the Goa'uld, but the Kelownans consider the metal proprietary.

The delegates—Commander Hale, Ambassador Dreylock and Jonas' old teacher, Dr. Kieran—arrive and explain that the uneasy peace between Kelowna and P9Y-4C3's other two governments, Tirania and the Andari Federation, is in danger of collapsing. The Tiranians and the Andaris are about to sign a nonaggression pact that would leave Kelowna open to attack. So the Kelownan delegation asks SGC to provide them with superior offensive weaponry in exchange for a surplus of Naquadria they possess. If SGC refuses, the Kelownans will have no choice but to use a doomsday device that Dr. Kieran had developed—a Naquadria bomb—as a preemptive first strike.

Unwilling to give the Kelownans any military hardware, lest they one day decide to turn their defensive advantage into an offensive one, General Hammond orders SG-1 to go Kelowna to trade much-needed antibiotics in exchange for Naquadria, and also to make contact with a secret resistance Dr. Kieran told Jonas about. The resistance is planning to overthrow all three governments on P9Y-4C3, in the name of peace.

But the Kelownan Defense Council, led by First Minister Valis, is only interested in SGC's weapons, not the medicine. And they are willing to trade SGC about three hundred pounds of Naquadria for them. Valis also has a private proposal for Jonas: His record would be wiped clean and he could come back to Kelowna if he will spy on Dr. Kieran, whose behavior, like those of the other scientists working on the Naquadria bomb, has become erratic of late.

SG-1 is about to leave Kelowna since negotiations are going nowhere, but Dr. Kieran convinces Colonel Jack O'Neill to stay by telling him he has smuggled a large quantity of Naquadria into Resistance headquarters and SGC can have it if they help his cause. Yet just when Dr. Kieran is about to put SG-1 in touch with the Resistance, he is found unconscious, apparently attacked by Kelownan agents on the trail of the Resistance. Jonas convinces the council that SGC can give Dr. Kieran better care than he could get in Kelowna, and the council agrees to let Dr. Janet Fraiser take charge of him on Earth. Jonas then tries to convince the Council that exploding a Naquadria bomb is like ringing the dinner bell for the Goa'uld, who literally have Naquadah in their blood.

At the same time, SG-1 tries to track the Naquadria to the Resistance's headquarters. They find the Naquadria that Dr. Kieran had stockpiled and send it to SGC. But it was in an empty warehouse—there is no Resistance. Kieran is suffering from advanced schizophrenia—a side effect of exposure to Naquadria. Although Jonas had also worked on the Naquadria project, he fortunately has no trace of the disease, according to Dr. Fraiser.

Before he is transferred to a top facility, Dr. Kiernan asks Jonas if the Resistance stopped the Naquadria bomb from being used. And although war is, at this very moment, probably breaking out between the Kelownans and the allied forces of the Tiranians and Andaris, Jonas tells his old teacher that he has saved the world.


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