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SG-1 returns from a mission with an ancient artifact that triggers the ability to see hideous yet harmless life forms in a parallel reality. As the effect spreads to civilians, O'Neill and his team must find a solution before mass hysteria breaks out.

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MGM/SciFi.com Official Summary

SG-1 has just returned from a planet where they found a cylindrical artifact covered with ancient glyphs and writings. Jonas Quinn picks it up and the crystal rods inside start glowing. Scans show that the energy is harmless.

When the device is shown to General Hammond at Stargate Command, Jonas sees a buglike alien about four or five feet long appear out of nowhere. Jonas draws his gun, and Colonel O'Neill follows suit, but no one except Jonas sees the thing that, by now, has vanished into the wall. General Hammond orders a lockdown and the base swept three times. They find nothing.

The team and General Hammond are now concerned that Jonas is suffering from the same sickness that some of the people on his planet got from overexposure to Naquadria (in "Shadow Play"). But Dr. Fraiser had cleared him.

The General orders downtime for everyone. Colonel O'Neill goes fishing while Teal'c, Major Carter and Jonas stay behind. Jonas and Carter use the time to tinker with the artifact.

Carter has trouble discerning the type of particles the device is emitting, nor can she tell their purpose. Jonas takes a crack at deciphering the writings and glyphs on the device when a huge, glowing, centipede-like thing slithers out of it. Carter sees nothing. Jonas decides to visit Dr. Fraiser, who finds nothing physically or neurologically wrong with him.

Then Teal'c also starts seeing the creatures, and soon the whole base is affected. The phenomenon spreads beyond SGC: Colonel O'Neill sees one at a gas station nearby and blasts the poor owner's sign trying to kill what isn't really there.

Or that sort of are: Carter and Jonas discover that these things are very real but living in another dimension that the device somehow allows them to see. And although these creatures have no physical contact with humans and seem to pose no threat, the mere sight of them could cause major panic were this phenomenon to reach the general public.

SGC tries everything to stop the device from emitting its energy particles. They even take it back to the planet through the Stargate, hoping that returning it to its resting place will stop the effect. When that plan fails, the device is brought back to SGC where Jonas struggles with the problem again.

It finally strikes Jonas that the energy this artifact is sending out has nothing to do with these creatures entering our dimension. This "second sight" is passed on by touch, like a contagion. Jonas had touched it first. Then he brushed against Teal'c, and so on.

General Hammond orders the immediate containment of Colorado Springs and the isolation of anyone who could have come into contact with SGC staff. But it is too late. O'Neill has had contact with the gas station owner, who has contact with hundreds of motorists a day. People on the outside are in a state of panic.

O'Neill works with the containment team to find the gas station owner and anyone else who contracted this contagion. Meanwhile, Carter and Jonas work on reconfiguring the crystal rods inside the device in an attempt to reverse the polarity of the energy. The last configuration they try does the trick. Jonas touches the device and the creatures are gone. He touches Carter and she stops seeing the creatures as well. The cure is then spread to everyone on the base. SGC is clear.

SGC staff is sent out to shake hands with and cure Colonel O'Neill and the containment team, who in turn are able to cure everyone affected.


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