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Rogue NID officers hijack the X-303 spaceship with Carter and Jonas on board, demanding Adrian Conrad be brought to the ship. Using his Goa'uld knowledge, Conrad activates the X-303 and takes it light-years from Earth as O'Neill and Teal'c stage a daring rescue.

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Major Carter tells Colonel O'Neill that a news reporter has solid information on Stargate Command's most classified project, Codename: Prometheus, along with a sample of the alien metal alloy, trinium. The journalist, Julia Donovan, plans to report that the Air Force is building some sort of secret nuclear reactor. She is wrong, however: Prometheus is not a reactor but the X-303—the Air Force's third attempt to build an interstellar starship.

General Hammond thinks Donovan's conjecture is still too close for comfort and that SGC needs to identify the source leaking classified info. He confers with the President and authorizes Carter to make an exclusive deal, allowing Donovan and her producer, Al Martell, to tour the Prometheus site in return for her source and all her info and tapes. When the Air Forces goes public with the information, she would get the exclusive. Actually, SGC intends to double-cross the news team and destroy the tapes.

Carter and Jonas Quinn give Donovan and company a top-secret tour but are ambushed by Donovan's camera crew—who have alien zats. Martell is in on it, too. Only Donovan is clueless.

The camera crew turns out to be a flight crew, and Jonas and Carter become prisoners. Jonas manages to buy some time by recalibrating the X-303's ignition settings and stopping the ship from taking off. Carter is imprisoned in a storage room, where she tries to rig some wiring into a transmitter.

Meanwhile, the hijackers radio O'Neill that if SGC does not release Adrian Conrad—the corrupt corporate magnate who is host to a Goa'uld—and Colonel Frank Simmons—the rogue NID agent who once aided Conrad for his own gain—within three hours, they'll blow up the X-303, turning the entire state into a smoking crater.

The hijackers force Jonas to undo his damage so that they can take off. They also shoot Martell. Fortunately, Carter gets her radio working. O'Neill orders her to sabotage the ship by cutting her way out of the storage room with a plasma torch and climbing to another deck, where she can sabotage the sublight control relay and ground the hijackers.

But with time running out and Carter still attempting to sabotage the ship, SGC turns Conrad and Simmons over to the hijackers. With Conrad's Goa'uld's knowledge of the hyperdrive, they are ready to take off. SGC has no choice but to let them go. Luckily, Carter is able to escape the nonpressurized area in which she was trapped and get to a safe area, where she cuts the circuits to the sublight engines.

Meanwhile, Teal'c and O'Neill speed to the rescue in the death glider SG-1 once stole from Anubis. Teal'c and O'Neill board the X-303 just in time to save Carter from some of Simmons' goons. But with the hyperdrive now operational, the X-303 leaves Earth and heads toward coordinates Conrad gave to Simmons.

Conrad has his own plans, however, and takes out the rest of the crew. He then goes after Simmons—who shoots him dead, but not before Conrad's Goa'uld crawls into Simmons' skull. Teal'c and O'Neill battle Simmons and, when the X-303 comes out of hyperspace, O'Neill blows Simmons out the airlock.

One of the surviving traitors reveals that Simmons was after a cache of advanced technology the Ancients had hidden on a distant planet, and that he needed the help of Conrad's Goa'uld both to get the X-303's hyperdrive running, and to decipher the symbols on a tablet that specified the planet's coordinates.

The X-303 is now lost in space. But an Asgard ship suddenly appears and Supreme Asgard Commander Thor materializes on the bridge. It appears as though SG-1 is saved.

But it is Thor who needs aid. The Asgard homeworld has been overrun by the Replicators—and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.


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