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Exploring an off-world planet, SG-1 discovers a crashed ship and three human survivors who claim to be under constant attack by hostile aliens. While Carter helps repair the ship's computer, she learns that the survivors are hiding a secret…and things may not be all they seem.

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While on a recon mission to Planet P2X-005, where no humans are supposed to have visited, Colonel Jack O'Neill finds a photograph of a young human woman. Jonas Quinn then discovers a strange vessel that had obviously crashed here some time ago. It is no type of alien vessel SG-1 has encountered before, and Jonas notices markings that resemble ancient Celtic.

Then its three human survivors come up behind SG-1 heavily armed. Teal'c raises his staff weapon and a standoff ensues. After O'Neill explains that SG-1's intentions are peaceful, one of the strangers, Aden Corso, introduces himself as the captain of the crashed vessel, the Seberus. His shipmates are a smug hotshot named Liam Pender and a female crew member named Tanis Reynard. They claim an asteroid storm threw them off course while en route to their home planet of Hebridan. They are out of fuel, their batteries are dead, and their communications systems are down.

Major Samantha Carter suggests SG-1 fix their ship by finding an Earth equivalent to their fuel and possibly recharge their batteries using a Naquadah generator. O'Neill okays this since it will afford Carter a look at their technology, which is far more advanced than Earth's. Teal'c, remembering Jonas' earlier observation, notes that the Celts were formidable warriors in their time and that their descendents may make valuable allies.

Just then, Reynard yells, "Move!" and fires on a group of reptilian aliens who fire back with weapons exactly like the Hebridans'. O'Neill wounds one with his P-90—and then Pender unexpectedly finishes the alien off. Corso then activates an intense sonic defense field that makes the aliens scatter.

O'Neill, who was only trying to wound the alien, talks to Pender about his itchy trigger finger. But the Hebridans say they want the creatures dead since these aliens have been hunting the Hebridans ever since the Seberus crashed three years ago. They claim that the lizard men have killed and skinned five of their crew and then hanged them from the trees. O'Neill wonders why the reptilian aliens, which he figured were coming and going through the Stargate, are using the humans' weapons.

Reynard was badly wounded in the fight, so Carter and Jonas take her through the Stargate to Stargate Command for treatment. Carter returns with SG-15 to cover the 'Gate while she tries to help Aidan fix his ship. Teal'c and O'Neill try to find the reptilian aliens and get to the bottom of this feud.

After Pender finds another alien and tries to kill him, Teal'c and O'Neill track down the wounded creature, who introduces himself as Warrick—the real captain of the Seberus. He says it was a prison transport vessel and that Corso and the others are space criminals who, after the crash, took over and started hunting the crew like animals. Warrick tells Teal'c and O'Neill how his people, the Serrakin, helped to liberate the Hebridan from the Goa'uld thousands of years ago. Since then both races had lived in harmony. That picture of the human woman O'Neill found earlier was Warrick's wife, Athea.

When they get back to the Seberus, O'Neill and Teal'c find Carter hogtied in front of it. After helping Corso fix the ship, she had caught on to his real agenda. Corso was going to blast off, but Reynard had returned with Jonas and suggested to Corso that, with the bit of knowledge she'd obtained about the Stargate while at SGC and an address she'd stolen from Jonas' study, they should leave the ship behind and use the planet's 'Gate to loot the galaxy.

At the 'Gate, the space crooks use Jonas as a hostage to make SG-15 let them through. O'Neill says no, until he catches a little hand signal from Jonas and lets them pass. The criminals go through the 'Gate and right to SGC, where General Hammond has them taken into custody.

Jonas had purposefully left that address in his study for Reynard to find. He had been suspicious of the three castaways—especially because he and Hammond suspected Reynard of trying to access Stargate information through the infirmary computer.

Then Jonas reveals that the name of the ship, Seberus, is close to that of another ship called the Ceberus—built by the ancient Celts in 1668 and used to transport convicts to a penal colony. The meaning of the word had never changed.

Warrick gets his prisoners into stasis for the trip back to Hebridan, and SG-1 makes a new ally—descended from the ancient Celts, just as Teal'c had hoped.


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