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Jonas' planet comes under attack from Anubis, forcing Teal'c to parlay with Lord Yu while Jack and Sam reluctantly return to Kelowna to deal with the politicians and military there while Daniel and Jonas Quinn have the most dangerous mission of all, in a covert operation aboard Anubis' ship itself. With Jonas a prisoner, Daniel is left alone to free him from Anubis.

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The mission to destroy Anubis' new superweapon last episode was a success, but…

Teal'c is still a prisoner on the mothership of Goa'uld System Lord Yu. Daniel Jackson, temporarily camouflaged from sensors, is hiding within the ventilation shafts of Anubis' mothership. And Jonas Quinn has been captured and subjected to Anubis' mind probe.

The fact that his unique physiology has left Jonas unharmed by the probe interests Anubis greatly—though not as greatly as what he has learned from Jonas' thoughts: the existence of the unstable yet powerful fuel-source Naquadria on Jonas' homeworld. Anubis' ship soon appears over the capital of Jonas' homeland, the nation of Kelowna.

At Stargate Command on Earth, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter and General George Hammond receive an urgent message from Ambassador Dreylock of the Kelownan High Council that Kelowna is under siege by Anubis' forces.

Aboard Yu's Mothership, Teal'c learns from First Prime Oshu why Lord Yu did not fulfill his pledge to rally the System Lords against Anubis. Yu, the oldest of the System Lords, has been growing senile and believed that Anubis was in another system across the galaxy. Teal'c convinces Oshu to assume command and rally the System Lords against the rogue Anubis. They approach Lord Ba'al, who is at first enraged that a second-in-command and a shol'va (traitor) would dare contact him. But when Teal'c proposes a plan to defeat Anubis, Ba'al listens.

In a Kelownan bunker on the outskirts of the capital city, O'Neill and Carter have just emerged through the nation's Stargate, which was moved underground during the world war with the Tiranians and the Andaris. The war ended with the Kelownans using their Naquadria bomb. Many lives were lost, but the Tiranian and Andari representatives have come to negotiate peace—unfortunately, at about the same time Anubis' ship appeared.

In the Kelownan briefing room, Dreylock and Commander Hale realize that Anubis' troops have taken over key positions across the planet. Most of the High Council has been taken hostage. After suffering executions and much destruction, the Council has given Anubis what he wanted—the Kelownans' entire stockpile of Naquadria.

O'Neill insists that the Kelownans tell the Andari and the Tiranians about the Goa'uld and the Stargate. He and Carter also inform them that Anubis will not go away after draining the Naquadria mines, but will ravage the planet and enslave its people. Teal'c enters through the Kelownan Stargate and informs everyone of his agreement with Ba'al. O'Neill, ever suspicious of making deals with the Goa'uld, won't approve the plan unless all the planetary representatives are in total agreement.

Meanwhile, Anubis tests his first batch of stabilized Naquadria, using it to power one of his ship's weapons arrays and fire a burst at the planet. The attempt fails, causing an explosion on Anubis' ship, fritzing out some of the ship's systems, including the force field on Jonas' cell. Daniel is on the opposite side of the doorway, having located the cell through the ship's computers. Jonas leaps through the intermittent field, and they both make a run for it to the ring room, where they can teleport off the ship.

Informed that Anubis' soldiers are ransacking the museum of antiquities, Carter realizes that Anubis is searching for a Goa'uld information crystal that might contain records of the experiments conducted on Naquadria by the original system lord who once occupied the planet. She, Teal'c and Dreylock go to the warehouse where the Kelownans have stored their Goa'uld artifacts. There they find the crystal but are overtaken by Anubis' elite Jaffa guards. Just then, Daniel and Jonas ring into the room—one of the artifacts stored in the warehouse is a Goa'uld ring platform. A firefight ensues, and the Jaffa are defeated.

When they return to the Kelownan base, Commander Hale demands the crystal—as a company of Jaffa led by Herak, Anubis' right arm, emerges from behind him. Anubis has promised to leave Kelowna alone in exchange for the crystal. Hale hands the crystal to Herak—who in turn executes Hale on the spot. He then announces that everyone else will be executed, as well.

Just then, Ba'al's fleet comes out of hyperspace and attacks Anubis' ship. Some blasts hit the city below, while a frantic firefight ensues in the Kelownan base between SG-1 and the Jaffa. Carter knocks down Herak, who drops the crystal. Herak vanishes through the Stargate. Daniel is about to be hit by a staff blast when Jonas pushes him away and is hit instead. Ultimately, Ba'al destroys Anubis' ship—though Anubis has vanished, and a small central portion of the rogue system lord's ship disengages and warps away into hyperspace.

Back at SGC, Jonas prepares to 'Gate back to Kelowna. He has blamed himself for Daniel's death (in "Meridian") and now he feels his debt has been paid by his saving Daniel's life. Ambassador Dreylock tells him that though he was once considered a traitor to Kelowna, Jonas is now much-needed there: The Andaris and Tiranians have agreed to participate in a joint ruling council, but only on the condition that Jonas would be the Kelownan representative—they believe that his experience over the past year dealing with other worlds will be vital to his planet. And so, Jonas returns to Kelowna, and Daniel Jackson, who is remembering his past life very quickly, rejoins SG-1. They have both come home.


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