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Carter is aboard the Prometheus as the ship comes under attack. She awakens to find the crew is gone and the ship is trapped in a gas cloud. Her attempts to save the ship and find the crew are hampered by her head injury, but her teammates, her father, and a little girl named Grace appear to her, helping her to save the ship and crew as well as face up to the choices she has made in her life.

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Major Carter is onboard the recently repaired Prometheus helping Colonel Ronson get the starship home via short sub-light bursts—jumping out of hyperspace every 50 light-years so that the sub-light engines can cool down.

At the current stop, Carter notices a gaseous anomaly; she requests Ronson investigate it. Just then a hostile alien ship appears. Outgunned, Carter suggests they use a short sub-light burst to make a hyperspace jump into the cloud for cover. As she's rerouting the systems, the ship suffers a massive hit, knocking Carter unconscious. When she awakes, she is the only crew-member left aboard; the escape pods have been jettisoned. The hyper-drive is intact but the sub-light engines are offline. What's more, the hull will breach in about eight hours.

As Carter uses every stopgap measure she can to save the ship, she has trouble staying awake. Teal'c then appears and tells her she must stay awake to stay alive. She also gets visits from Dr. Daniel Jackson, her father Jacob, Colonel O'Neill and a little girl named Grace—all of whom Carter surmises are part of her subconscious mind and all of whom have something important to tell her.

Daniel suggests Carter use this opportunity to investigate the cloud. Teal'c warns her that she may not be on Prometheus at all, but being held prisoner, along with the other crew-members, aboard the alien ship, and that her mind is being probed. While she's searching for a way to get the sub-light engines online, the aliens could be learning from her how the ship's technology works. Jacob tells her to stop following every scientific lead and follow her heart, find someone to love and not deny herself a chance to be happy. Daniel comes up with a theory that the cloud is a sentient being and if she talks to it, maybe it'll let the ship go. But how to do that? Daniel then suggests that the little girl Carter keeps seeing may be the personification of the cloud.

O'Neill finally appears and encourages Carter not to give up and suggests that there may be a chance for them to be together. They even share a subconscious kiss.

At Stargate Command, O'Neill is worried that Carter is 18 hours past due for contact. Daniel proposes a plan to check out all the Stargates along the Prometheus' route, since the Tok'ra don't have an available ship. But the plan fails. Teal'c notices O'Neill's grief and suggests to him that he has deeper feelings for Carter than he admits.

Back onboard Prometheus, Grace appears blowing bubbles, giving Carter an idea. If she can manipulate the sub-light engines, she can create a hyperspace bubble around the ship, protecting it from the cloud's harmful effects, and bring Prometheus out. She hails the alien vessel, which turns out also to be trapped in the cloud, and offers to use the bubble to help them as well if they return her crew. The crew appears back onboard. Carter's plan works, and both ships exit the cloud. Now freed, the alien ship retreats.

Back at SGC, Carter awakens from a four-day coma brought on by a massive concussion aboard Prometheus. O'Neill is at her bedside. With Carter's feelings for him awakened, could they have a future together outside of SGC?


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