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Carter, Daniel, and Teal'c meet Agent Barrett in Los Angeles at the scene of a massacre. The site is the secret lab of a rogue NID cell, and the scientists there have successfully created a human/Goa'uld hybrid in the form of a young woman. The team's desire to help the woman must be traded against the need to disarm a Goa'uld bomb that threatens all of Orange County.

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Agent Malcolm Barrett of the NID has called SG-1 (minus Colonel O'Neill, who is still recovering from the recent firefight on P3X-666) to Los Angeles, where a massacre has taken place. The locale, a seemingly abandoned warehouse, is actually the site of a rogue NID sleeper cell. The body count is 32 personnel, ranging from scientists to cleaning staff. Barrett has the killer—a fragile-looking young woman named Anna—in custody in a Plexiglas cell. There is also one survivor, a German scientist named Dr. Keffler.

Barrett shows SG-1 a security tape of the massacre, depicting Anna in deadly action. When eventully found, she was cowering in a corner. Barrett placed her in the cell—where she said "they" had kept her. He then takes the team to a room of Egyptian Goa'uld artifacts—none of which Dr. Daniel Jackson has seen before. Teal'c recognizes the markings on a scepter, which indicate it belonged to a powerful Goa'uld named Sekhmet, once loyal to Ra, the very first Goa'uld system lord humans had encountered (in the movie Stargate). Barrett presumes the artifacts to have been originally uncovered by Germany, since the files he has on Keffler say he is the son of a convicted Nazi war criminal.

While Teal'c and Daniel explore the artifacts, Major Carter and Barrett interrogate Keffler. The smarmy scientist is not forthcoming, and all Barrett found on him were some nitro pills for his heart condition and a remote for his car alarm.

Barrett next takes Carter to a lab where he shows her three jars, each holding a semi-human mutated embryo. Carter takes a crack at the lab's encrypted computer files to try to learn what this experiment was about. Meanwhile, Daniel and Teal'c find an ark with four knobs that can be turned as though they're some sort of combination lock.

Daniel goes to speak with Anna, who claims she did not kill anyone. She also claims Keffler created her. Pressed further, she says that the many nightmarish charcoal sketches she's done and has taped all over the walls of her cell come from her dreams. Daniel notices that one of the drawings is of the ark cover—with the knobs turned to specific positions. He takes the drawing back to the artifact room and moves the knobs to match the drawing. The lid unlocks—revealing what Teal'c says is a Goa'uld explosive device that will detonate within the next 16 hours with enough force to level Orange County.

Meanwhile Carter has hacked into Keffler's files and learns that one of the artifacts was a canopic jar—a type used in ancient Egypt to hold the mummified remains of internal organs, and which here contains a preserved Goa'uld symbiote. Keffler had spliced human ovum with Goa'uld DNA from the symbiote to create an adult human-Goa'uld hybrid, maturing it quickly using Goa'uld nanite technology stolen from Area 51. He was trying to create a human that would know everything a Goa'uld would know. After 45 failed attempts, Anna was born.

When confronted, Keffler defends what he did as an attempt to learn the secrets of the Goa'uld in order to find a way to destroy them. But the experiment resulted in Anna having a second personality—that of the Goa'uld Sekhmet, who emerges when Anna blacks out.

Daniel studies video logs of the experiment and discovers Keffler was able to bring out Sekhmet anytime he wanted by shocking her with the device he said was his car-alarm remote. He can control her or kill her with it. He let her out to kill the other scientists, who were going to blow the whistle on the inhuman research he was conducting. But then Sekhmet activated the bomb, so that she could blackmail Keffler into halting her rapid genetic growth and free her. But Keffler only led her to believe he could do that: In actuality, the Goa'uld DNA will eventually overwrite the human DNA and Anna will die a horribly painful death. Keffler, admitting all this, says he placed a capsule of biotoxin at the base of Anna's brain, and planned to trigger the poison with the remote device when the time came so that she wouldn't suffer.

Meanwhile, in an effort to reprogram the bomb, Dr. Lee from Stargate Command accidentally causes the countdown to accelerate to two hours. It's now up to Daniel to get Anna to tap into her Goa'uld side and reveal the deactivation sequence. He gets Anna to meditate—but when Sekhmet emerges she is furious and uses the meditation candle Daniel gave her to set fire to her cell. She escapes, knocking out Daniel and the two guards in the room and taking one of their guns. Keffler likewise overcomes his guard. Sekhmet knocks out Barrett and takes Keffler's remote trigger device.

When Daniel awakens he finds one of Anna's drawings that shows the bomb's deactivation sequence. He gives it to Dr. Lee and Teal'c, who use it to stop the countdown.

Anna/Sekhment confronts Keffler. But it is Anna who is in control. She kills Keffler with the gun and, knowing she is doomed, triggers the poison capsule in her brain herself.

Daniel arrives on the scene, but Anna could not have been saved. Still, she has spared herself a painful death, and rid the world of an evil man. Without knowing it, Keffler had created a hero.

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