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Arlos is a merchant whose specialty is alien technology.

Character Biography

Vala Mal Doran used a set of Kor Mak bracelets on Daniel Jackson as "insurance" that she'd get her fair share of a treasure described in an Ancient tablet which she asked him to translate. If they were more than 100 feet apart for over half an hour, they'd start showing the effects which included collapsing and eventually dying. Because Vala refused to remove the bracelets, they decided to pursue finding the treasure. They found it in Avalon in the Glastonbury Tor in England, but Daniel said that Vala couldn't have any of the treasure because it belonged to Britain. They did find some Ancient writings and technology left behind by the Ancient Merlin which Vala had interest in, however. One of the pieces of technology was a communciations terminal which, when used in conjunction with the Ancient Communications Stones, would connect the users to others in another galaxy psychically. While Daniel and Vala were connected to a married couple named Harrid and Sallis, they remained unconscious in the SGC infirmary, but took over the bodies of the two unsuspecting villagers because they only had the stones. While in this distant galaxy, Daniel met the Ascended Beings known as the Ori who, after learning that there were humans in the Milky Way, have decided to send their missionaries, called Priors, to convert everyone into worshippers or destroy them if they refuse. During the time that Daniel and Vala were connected to Harrid and Sallis, Vala died because Sallis was burned to death as a heretic. Dr. Lam used a defibrillator on her, but to no avail. Vala revived after a Prior resurrected Sallis's body. Then, Daniel and Vala started to go into cardiac arrest when both Harrid and Sallis were sacrificed for being heretics. Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell and Teal'c destroyed the stones and terminal in the unstable vortex of a forming wormhole, and Daniel and Vala revived successfully. After this, Vala released them both from the bracelets.

Arlos and Vala

It isn't known whether or not it was the use of the defibrillator, the use of the communications device in conjunction with wearing the bracelets, or the sudden severing of the link with the destruction of the device, but Daniel and Vala were still linked physiologically even after Vala had removed the bracelets. Daniel was anxious to get rid of this link, so he pushed Vala into introducing him to the person from whom Vala claimed to have stolen the bracelets: Arlos. She said that Arlos had studied the bracelets and would probably know how to help them.

Mitchell and Daniel visited Arlos to ask him for his help, but as soon as Arlos saw the bracelets, he immediately knew that Vala was behind their questions. Arlos wanted to see Vala as a condition of helping them. He claimed that he was still in love with her after they had been involved in a passionate love affair. Once Vala arrived, Arlos told her he was over her, but wanted to get back his mother's necklace which Vala had taken.

It was a mess of an adventure to get back the necklace, but Vala, Daniel, Mitchell, and Teal'c succeeded in doing so. Once they gave Arlos the necklace, Arlos told them that there was nothing to be done and that the effects would wear off over time.


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