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Pair of Kor Mak Bracelets
Removal of bracelet


Vala Mal Doran used a pair of Kor Mak bracelets on herself and Daniel Jackson in order to make sure that she'd obtain her fair share of the treasure revealed to be on Earth on a tablet written in encoded Ancient which only Daniel could translate and interpret. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1")

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Vala brought not only the tablet and its cipher, but also a pair of Kor Mak bracelets with her to Earth. SG-12 met her at a neutral location and scanned all the items she wanted to take to Earth for Daniel to see. The bracelets showed no energy readings, so the team let her bring them. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1")

The Ancient tablet was the main focus of Daniel's interest, but while discussing how Vala got the tablet to start, he noticed the bracelets sitting in Vala's collection case. He recognized that the carvings were Goa'uld, not Ancient, and Vala explained that they were only loosely tied to the tablet. She claimed that they were the marriage bracelets of the Goa'uld Nut. Daniel tried to read the inscription on one of the bracelets and Vala quickly slapped the second one on his wrist. He couldn't remove it. Vala then slapped the second bracelet on herself, claiming that they were joined and that she wouldn't let him free until she had her share of the treasure. Vala was immediately put under arrest on the base. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1")

Daniel tried to have the bracelet sawed off, but Dr. Lee used several blades without any effect. Lee did detect a slight energy reading, but he didn't know what those readings indicated. Daniel decided to do some more research on the bracelet, but he passed out right outside Lee's lab door. He was sent to the infirmary. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1")

Gen. Landry angrily went to interrogate Vala. While there, Vala also collapsed. She, too, was sent to the infirmary. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1")

Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell, the new leader of SG-1, contacted Teal'c on Dakara to have him see if he knew anything about the bracelets. Teal'c sat by Daniel's bed and waited for his friend to regain consciousness. Soon, both Daniel and Vala were awake. Teal'c revealed that the bracelets had been used by Cronus and that he knew very little about them, other than that they were to be worn by a Jaffa and his prisoner during transport. If the wearers were to leave each other's proximity for a certain amount of time, both would die. If one of the wearers died, the other would soon follow. The Jaffa would die as punishment for his own incompetence. Teal'c didn't know how to remove the bracelets, but Vala claimed that she did, although she was under the impression that only Daniel would be affected by them. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1")

Dr. Lee determined that if they were beyond 100 feet from each other for over thirty minutes, they'd both start feeling the effects. Mitchell suggested that they go ahead and try to find the treasure. Eventually, Daniel's research led them to the discovery of the Ancient Merlin's treasure in Avalon, hidden deep inside Glastonbury Tor in England. (9.01 "Avalon Part 1", 9.02 "Avalon Part 2")

They discovered Ancient writings and technology, along with gold and jewels, in Avalon. But, Daniel told Vala that she couldn't have the gold and jewels because they belonged to Britain. Vala, although disappointed, was more interested in the Ancient technology. (9.02 "Avalon Part 2")

They found and used an Ancient communications terminal which linked the two of them psychically with a human married couple in a distant galaxy ruled by a group of Ascended Beings known as the Ori. Unfortunately, their lives were put in danger more than once, and at one point, Vala died. Dr. Lam tried to save Vala using a defibrillator, but to no avail. Lam wanted to remove the bracelets to prevent Daniel from dying, but Vala was revived by the intervention of the Ori, so the danger of Daniel's dying from the effects of the bracelets was prevented. Eventually, Mitchell and Teal'c had to destroy the communications terminal to sever the psychic link which was causing Daniel and Vala to go into cardiac arrest. (9.02 "Avalon Part 2", 9.03 "Origin Part 3")

Finally, Vala removed the bracelets using a red crystal key which would return the bracelets to their rigid state when passed over them. (9.03 "Origin Part 3")

Not long after Vala left the SGC through the Stargate, however, Daniel collapsed. Vala had the presence of mind to return to the base as soon as she started to feel the effects. Whether it was through the use of the defibrillator or the sudden disconnection from the communications terminal that caused the physiological connection to remain even after the bracelets were removed is not known. It was determined, however, that the effects of the link would eventually wear off over time. This proved to be the correct conclusion after Vala was suddenly transported to the Ori's distant galaxy, and neither one of them died from the immense distance of the separation. (9.04 "The Ties That Bind", 9.06 "Beachhead", 9.19 "Crusade Part 1")


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