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Ba'kal was a Jaffa loyal to the Jaffa first prime Arkad's Ori inspired movement called the "Illac Renin" (10.17 "Talion"). At Dar Eshkalon, during a peaceful summit to reestablish the government of the Free Jaffa Nation, Ba'kal hid three explosive devices and escaped through the crowd before they went off, massacring several innocent Jaffa.

Teal'c witnessed Ba'kal's odd behavior just before the bombs went off, and after recovering from the injuries, went searching for him to exact revenge. A human weapons dealer named Lizan led Teal'c to where he could find Ba'kal. Teal'c ambushed the terrorist and brought him to a secluded area. Before Ba'kal regained consciousness, Teal'c removed and killed his symbiote and replaced it with an explosive similar to that Ba'kal used at Dar Eshkalon. When Teal'c interrogated Ba'kal, he saw he was a fervent Ori worshipper, Teal'c allowed the device to explode, killing Ba'kal.


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