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Arkad was a sly and untrustworthy Jaffa who rose to the rank of First Prime under the Goa'uld. After their fall and the rise of the Ori, Arkad worked with the Priors and created his own "Illac Renin" movement following their beliefs. He tried to become the head of the Free Jaffa Nation by using terrorist attacks and intimidation. He was killed by Teal'c.

Character Summary

Arkad was always a suspicious Jaffa. He trained under Bra'tac for a time. Bra'tac later recalled he underestimated Arkad once, and vowed never to do so again. Arkad rose to the rank of First Prime under another Goa'uld. When he and Teal'c were both First Primes, their respective armies did battle and Teal'c routed Arkad's forces. While Arkad fled, Apophis's ships under Teal'c bombarded the surface of the planet Co'rak, leaving no survivors. Arkad's parents and sister were killed.

Shortly after the battle, someone slipped into the village where Teal'c's mother lived and slit her throat in the night. Bra'tac wondered if Arkad was somehow responsible for the deed. As he later explained to Daniel Jackson, Arkad was a snake, and nothing the Jaffa said should be trusted. Nothing good would come of dealing with Arkad.

After Dakara was destroyed by the Ori and the Free Jaffa Nation was scrambling to reorganize, Arkad saw his opportunity to rise to power. During a peaceful summit of the free Jaffa leadership at Dar Eshkalon, Arkad sent one of his followers to strike a terrorist attack, setting off three bombs that killed thirty-two and critically injured twelve, including Teal'c and Bra'tac. Once Teal'c recovered from his injuries, he left the SGC to independently hunt down whoever was behind this cowardly action.

In the meantime, Arkad had also made a deal with the Ori that he would get more Jaffa to fall in line if they left him to his own devices. He had a supply of weapons grade naquadah, and according to rumors, was setting up to make a coordinated attack on Earth. He called his movement the "Illac Renin", which is Ancient for "kingdom of the path". He portrayed himself as a peaceful follower of the teachings of Origin, believing them to the be Ancient way the Jaffa had always sought to enlightenment. It is possible he truly believed in Origin. He spent a great deal of time meditating before an Ori ankh in his personal headquarters.

At about the same time Earth learned of Arkad's plans, he approached the SGC directly, asking for a parley and explaining the violent actions were not taken by him, but by some radical followers. He wished to trade intelligence and work with the SGC to quash the "violent Jaffa", even though they may not agree in matters of faith. Despite Bra'tac's warnings Arkad could not be trusted, the IOA ordered until more intelligence could be obtained, to work with Arkad, and not allow Teal'c to take any precipatory actions against him from the events of Dar Eshkalon.

Teal'c swept past his colleagues' defenses and raided Arkad's headquarters before being felled by two staff blasts. Arkad had Teal'c brought to his quarters. Once left alone, he engaged the wounded Teal'c in a one on one battle, during which time he not only confessed to the plans to attack Earth, but also to being behind the death of Teal'c's mother. Teal'c was seriously injured in the battle, but Arkad was killed. Teal'c later revealed to Bra'tac he was uncertain if Arkad ordered the murder of his mother or not, but the killer had been found by Teal'c long ago.


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