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Lizan was a human weapons dealer who didn't mind who he dealt with (10.17 "Talion"). He sold several explosive devices to a Jaffa named Ba'kal, which were later used to kill and injure several Jaffa at a peaceful summit at Dar Eshkalon.

Teal'c was able to track the weapons back to Lizan, who made no secret that he hated the Jaffa for the centuries his people lived as slaves under the Jaffa and Goa'uld they served. Teal'c used physical intimidation to get Lizan to give up Ba'kal. Later, after Ba'kal's death, Teal'c returned to Lizan, threatening torture if Lizan did not reveal more information about Arkad. It is unclear how much Teal'c learned from Lizan, but he did track Arkad back to his headquarters.


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