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Bo'rel (foreground)


Bo'rel was the leader of the Jaffa force sent to comandeer the Ori warship after the Free Jaffa Nation released the weapon of Dakara on the planet where it had landed.

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Bo'rel led a group of Jaffa on board the Ori warship after the Weapon of Dakara had destroyed all life on the planet and the landed warship. Once onboard, he and his team encountered and captured Teal'c and Lt. Col. Mitchell of SG-1. Despite the pair's entreaties that the Tau'ri and Jaffa were allies, Bo'rel stayed rigid to his orders to capture all on board. He did not believe Mitchell when he said the female team member he had been on the radio with before their capture was through the Stargate by now. He later explained he was distrustful of the Tau'ri motives. Bo'rel threatened deadly force on Mitchell if the rest of his team did not reveal themselves.

The tactic somewhat worked when Daniel Jackson responded by radio, giving Carter more time to figure out the Ori systems on the bridge. Some of Bo'rel's Jaffa overheard Daniel speaking on the radio and captured him and Vala. Bo'rel continued his interrogation of Mitchell, almost setting off the C-4 detonator, but was distracted by power returning to the ship (initialized by the still alive Adria). While Bo'rel waited for his team to report, he and the remaining Jaffa are overpowered by Carter, Mitchell, and Teal'c.

The now angry Bo'rel encountered Teal'c and Mitchell again in a standoff while the warship flies through hyperspace, but was convinced by Teal'c that they are not the real enemy. Bo'rel and his team eventually came across Adria's chamber, where she still held Daniel and Vala hostage and his other Jaffa had been killed. He fired his staff weapon at the closed chamber doors to no avail. Bo'rel and the other Jaffa were killed when the Dakara weapon was released on the planet to strike the warship now in orbit above them.


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