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Maj. Bryce "Fergie" Ferguson


Bryce "Fergie" Ferguson served with Cameron Mitchell in the United States Air Force. He was under consideration to join the F-302 program before a debilitating injury. He was discharged due to disability and worked for a civilian aeronautics firm. He settled in Iowa and presumably stayed in contact with Mitchell. The shrapnel lodged in his skull created an inoperable brain aneurysm, eventually leading to his death as seen in the episode 9.14 "Stronghold".

Character Biography

Bryce "Fergie" Ferguson was a classmate of Cameron Mitchell's when they were both cadets, presumably in college (possibly in ROTC). While both cadets, they made a blood oath to join the space program or die trying.

Ferguson and Mitchell served together even after their days as students. Mitchell claimed Ferguson was the better pilot of the pair. Both were candidates for a top secret project. They went on a mission where Cam made a self-described reckless move, and Ferguson came to his rescue. During this time, Ferguson was injured by stray shrapnel imbedding itself in his skull. This injury removed Ferguson from active duty, and Mitchell ended up getting the position in the top secret project, which was the F-302 program.

After getting out of the service, Ferguson was a consultant for a military contractor, an aeronautics firm called Zephyr. He remained curious at what Mitchell was doing. Based on contracts with his own firm and others he knew had with the Air Force, Ferguson was able to piece together a theory that there was a number of alien/human hybrid warships (the F-302s) and even a couple of battleships (the Deep Space Carriers). He was also aware of the dogfight in Antarctica, knowing Mitchell did not almost lose his life in a "test flight" accident.

The shrapnel had created an aneurysm in Ferguson's brain. Eventually his condition was discovered. He consulted several doctors in his home state of Iowa, and all explained his condition was untreatable and would eventually prove fatal. When his friend, Cameron Mitchell, discovered this, he pulled strings to have Ferguson come to the Air Force Academy Hospital for another opinion. Bryce went as a favor to Mitchell, but had accepted his prognosis. Unknown to Bryce, the Air Force Academy Hospital had access to several alien technologies and advanced treatments due to their association with the Stargate program.

Even with the advanced diagnostic and treatment tools at their disposal, the doctors at the Academy Hospital could not treat the aneurysm. Mitchell received personal time to be with Bryce during his stay, bringing him video games and a paper bag full of untold goodies. Ferguson didn't want his friend spending all of his time in a hospital room, nor did he want to stay there himself. He wanted to return home. A therapist had offered him a brochure for coming to accept death, and he jokingly took the advice to heart. He tried to get Cameron to do the same, claiming Mitchell was suffering from "survivor's guilt" from the incident that caused his injury. He gave Cam the brochure.

Later, Bryce revealed his theories to Mitchell about what Cameron was doing and asked as a dying request to learn the truth about the position he almost got. Although denying Bryce's theory, Mitchell requested and received permission to clear Ferguson for the revelation of the Stargate problem and even had Ferguson experience his own memories through a modified version of the Galaran memory device.

After showing Ferguson how the device works, Mitchell left his friend, explaining there was a rescue mission to save Teal'c from hostile forces. Ferguson gave Mitchell his blessing, and told Cameron he was perfect for the job he was doing. Among his parting words, he tried to relieve Cameron of his guilt from his role in Ferguson's injury. "I would've done it for anyone you know. It's part of the job." Mitchell acknowledged the sentiment from his close friend.

Mitchell later repeated the statement to Teal'c when the Jaffa noted he was in Mitchell's debt after the successful rescue. This conversation took place in the locker room, while Mitchell was rereading Ferguson's pamphlet. He was regretting not seeing Ferguson one last time, but while Mitchell was on the rescue mission, Ferguson died of the aneurysm.


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