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Chaka as a young Unas
Chaka as an experienced negotiator


Chaka is an Unas who became a close friend of Daniel Jackson.

Character Biography

Chaka was an aboriginal Unas of P3X-888 who kidnapped Dr. Daniel Jackson as part of his rite of passage to adulthood. Daniel communicated with Chaka and the two forged an unusual bond. Instead of killing Daniel, Chaka fought the Unas alpha male to protect him and emerged victorious. Chaka invited Daniel to stay with him and the Unas, but Daniel gracefully declined. Chaka left the invitation open for Daniel's return so that he could get to know the Unas (4.08 "The First Ones").

Later, Chaka was kidnapped by Burrock, an Unas trader, and taken to another world as a beast of burden. Daniel and the SG-1 team went to his rescue and also to investigate how Burrock and the others had Goa'uld technology. Chaka chose to stay and free the enslaved Unas rather than return to his home. Daniel gave Chaka a zat gun, trying to convince him there was another way than killing. Chaka was successful in negotiating a peace treaty on that planet (5.07 "Beast of Burden and 7.07 "Enemy Mine").

Two years later, Chaka was called on by Daniel to help negotiate with the Unas alpha male Iron Shirt to mine for naquadah on planet P3X-403. Chaka had by this time become a wordly wise Unas with unique communications and negotiating skills. He sat as an interpreter and cultural expert in the negotiations between Daniel and Iron Shirt. The negotiations were successful and the SGC was able to obtain the highly-needed naquadah to build their defense aerospacecraft as well as honor the Unas' unique culture and dignity (7.07 "Enemy Mine").


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