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Daniel's Unas friend, Chaka, is captured by a preindustrial civilization that uses Unas as slaves. While attempting to free Chaka from this cruel regime, Daniel risks the safety of SG-1, and possibly the life of his friend.

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MGM Official Summary

Daniel's Unas friend Chaka ("The First Ones") is captured by a preindustrial civilisation that uses Unas as slaves. While attempting to free Chaka from his cruel regime, Daniel risks not only SG-1's safety but also the stability of an age old system.

SciFi.com Official Summary

Dr. Daniel Jackson's Unas friend Chaka is captured by strangers and taken through the Stargate to another world. Surveillance video captures the incident and shows the strangers using Goa'uld weapons. General Hammond authorizes SG-1 to investigate.

SG-1 arrives on a world where the humans revolted against their Unas masters, overthrew them, and now use them as slaves in turn. Jackson and Colonel Jack O'Neill try to rescue Chaka and are captured themselves. Then they discover that Chaka has been teaching the other Unas his language and telling them about what it is like to be free. The slaves are fed up with their current status and ready to rebel, with Chaka as their leader. Jackson realizes that he cannot simply free Chaka—all the Unas must be freed, or none of them. He also realizes that much of Chaka's independence comes from him, and thus if a rebellion occurs it will be partially his fault.


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