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Dig site on P3X-888


P3X-888 has been theorized to be the primordial home of the Goa’uld and their original host species, the Unas. The planet is heavily forested. Modern Goa’uld symbiotes live in the water, aboriginal Unas live in caves.


  • Names and Designations: P3X-888
  • Number of Suns: One
  • Number of Moons: Two
  • Source of Address: Unknown
  • Introduced in Episode: 4.08 "The First Ones"
  • Earth Cultural/Technological Equivalent: Very primitive. No human inhabitants. Parallels between the Unas culture and the rites of passage of the Massai warriors of Africa.
  • Main Interest: Archeological and Paleontological evidence that this was the original homeworld of the Goa’uld.
  • Influenced/Dominated by: Goa’uld parasites live in the waters on the planet. Unas inhabit the caves, living in clan type communities.
  • History of Stargate: Unknown, but believe that the Stargate is how the Unas, inhabited by Goa’uld simbiotes, left the planet to spread throughout the galaxy.

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Geopolitical Structure and History

According to archeological evidence uncovered by Dr. Daniel Jackson and Dr. Robert Rothman on at least four dig sites on the planet, early Goa’uld symbiotes were predators, not parasites, confirming Daniel’s theory that the Goa'uld evolved for millions of years in the prehistoric oceans of the planet before ever taking on hosts. At the time, neither scientist realized that modern, parasitical Goa’ulds still lived on the waters of the planet. None of the Goa’ulds, ancient or modern, had any traces of naquadah in their blood, so that mark of their biology was something that occurred after the Goa’uld left the planet.

P3X-888 also had another indigenous sentient species living on the planet. Unas were mainly cave dwellers, and lived in apparently a tribal structure within the caves. The caves may have been their way of protecting themselves from being implanted by Goa’uld symbiotes, along with bone necklaces they wore around their neck. Daniel theorized that sometime in the distant past, Goa’ulded Unas figured out how the Stargate operated and left the planet.

During the expedition, a young Unas, Chaka, approached the SGC dig site, looking for prey to take back to his clan in a rite of passage. He chose Daniel as his prize, killing Lt. Loeder before escaping into the forest with an unconscious Dr. Jackson. According to Major Hawkins, SG-11 were attacked during their attempt to rescue Dr. Jackson, and the team split up. It is unclear whether Chaka attacked them, other Unas, another species entirely, or if the whole story was made up by a now Goa’ulded Hawkins.

During the search and rescue of Dr. Jackson, aside from the losses of SG-11, additionally Major Griff was wounded by the Goa’uld possessed Major Hawkins before Hawkins was in turn killed by Teal'c. Rothman too was a victim to a Goa’uld symbiote and O’Neill was forced to kill the scientist in self defense. The casualties were buried on 888 by Griff and Coburn.

Based on his experiences with Chaka during his capture, Daniel noted that the Unas living on the planet were sentient creatures, irrespective of Goa’uld possession. They wore clothing and had braided rope which Chaka had used to bind Daniel. Chaka also understood basic survival instincts of not getting too close to the Goa’uld infested water, and at one point stopped and appeared to go through some sort of cultural ritual.

The caves where the Unas dwelled had a series of pictographs drawn by various Unas. From those pictures, Daniel realized that the Unas seems to have a comprehension of Goa'uld symbiote species structure as well as their ability to blend. Other pictograms denoted Unas carrying large game back to the tribes. Dr. Jackson drew a parallel to the Massai warriors of Africa who killed lions in order to be recognized as adult warriors. Further theorizing stopped when Chaka drew a pictogram of a man and marked it with Daniel’s blood. The scientist realized his role in the rite of passage was the food.

However, Chaka too was learning about humans through Daniel. He noted his prey was sentient as they offered each other food (cooked Goa’uld and power bars) and began to learn each other’s language. The two eventually bonded, and Chaka attempted to convince the alpha male of his clan to allow Daniel to join. This attempt was unsuccessful, and ended with SG-1 wounding and Chaka killing the Alpha male. As a result, Chaka became the new leader of the clan. Invited to join the clan, Daniel explained he would instead return to his people.

Daniel continued to check in with Chaka on P3X-888 from time to time. He would leave power bars for Chaka and kept a camcorder there to study the Unas culture. From one recording, he discovered Burrock and other humans kidnapped Chaka from his home. Though later rescued by SG-1, Chaka chose not to return to P3X-888 but remained with other Unas.


Near the pond
In the cave
Teal'c near pond


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