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Maj. Coburn


Maj. Coburn was the commanding officer of SG-2 in during the third and fourth years of Stargate Command's reactivation.

Character Biography

The primary function of Maj. Coburn's SG-2 team was to secure the Stargate on the planets to which SG-1 was assigned. The first time Maj. Coburn was seen in command was when SG-3 was sent to guard the Stargate on the planet named Kheb. This was a dangerous mission because they had to make sure that SG-1 could escape from Apophis' Jaffa who had landed on the planet looking for the same thing that SG-1 was: the Harsesis child. Maj. Coburn kept in radio contact with Col. Jack O'Neill and obtained back-up when O'Neill said that they were trapped. Fortunately, everyone from the SGC made it back alive because of the protection of the Ascended Being, Oma Desala. (3.20 "Maternal Instinct")

The last time Maj. Coburn was known to be in command of SG-2 was when he and one other of his team stayed at the Stargate on the planet P3X-888. This is the planet about which Drs. Daniel Jackson and Robert Rothman had theorized was the origin of the Goa'uld symbiotes. SG-2 went with SG-1 on a search and rescue mission when Daniel Jackson was captured by an aboriginal Unas named Chaka. Unfortunately, all of SG-11 who were on a mission to this planet were killed, but SG-1 and SG-2 returned home. (4.08 "The First Ones")

Apparently, Maj. Coburn was reassigned soon thereafter, and teammember Griff was promoted to Major and became the team's new commanding officer. (4.10 "Beneath the Surface")


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