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Daniel Jackson and SG-11 prepare for a mission


SG-11 was declared one of the "new SG units" in the Season Two episode, 2.02 "In The Line Of Duty", along with SG-10 and SG-12. It is possible that their first mission was stated in that episode as being one of the units to help find a planet to relocate the Nasyans.

During the following seasons, the function of the team changed. Mostly, though, they have been assigned as an engineering team to mine trinium or naquadah, or as an archaeological team.

Seasons Two and Three

We hear more about SG-11 in the Season Two episode, 2.13 "Spirits". The leader of the unit was Captain Connor:

They were assigned to establish a trinium mining operation on the planet PXY-887. Their destructive mining techniques caused them to be captured by the "spirits" of the Salish natives living on the planet. These "spirits" turned out to be aliens who could morphe into any appearance and they chose to pose as the native's animal gods. After an agreement was made with these natives and their "spirits", SG-11 was returned to them 48 hours after they vanished. The team consisted of seven, two of whom were women.

After Col. Jack O'Neill had the knowledge of the Ancients downloaded into his brain, he input a series of new stargate addresses into the SGC's dailing computer (2.16 "The Fifth Race"). General Hammond was prepared to send SG-11 to one of the new stargates in their database, but Jack's manipulation of the dialing computer prevented them from dialing out. Jack's programming of the dialing computer saved his life because he was able to reach the Asgard in the Ida Galaxy to remove the database from his mind before it killed him. It is not revealed which address SG-11 was being sent to or if they rescheduled their mission. Neither was it revealed who were assigned to the team.

General Hammond sent SG-3, SG-5, SG-6, and SG-11 to rescue SG-1 after they had been captured by Hathor on the planet P3X-254, in the episode, 3.01 "Into The Fire Part 2". There is no indication as to the number of members of the team or of who commanded it at this point. Colonel Makepeace, of the Marines and commander of SG-3, commanded the rescue operation.

Sometime after this, the entire unit was captured by Apophis while they were on the planet P89-534. The SGC had declared them Missing In Action (MIA), not knowing that Apophis had captured them. Apophis had established a training camp on another planet which SG-1 discovered on their mission in the episode, 3.09 "Rules of Engagement". Unfortunately, all members of SG-11 were killed by Apophis some time before SG-1 discovered what had happened to them.

Seasons Four and Five

In the Season Four episode, 4.08 "The First Ones", SG-11 was assigned to P3X-888 as an archaeological support team, assisting Drs. Daniel Jackson and Robert Rothman in a paleontological dig of fossilized Goa'uld remains. The known members of this team were:

There may have been up to an additional two members not named, but most likely killed as it seems that all of SG-11 were killed on this planet. The Unas Chaka killed Loeder and captured Daniel Jackson. Dr. Rothman went for help as the remaining SG-11 members went after Chaka. The remaining members of SG-1 and SG-2 took Rothman back to the planet to perform a search and rescue. Maj. Hawkins was found standing near the camp staring in shock, but was able to report that Sanchez was dead "for sure" and that he hoped that "the rest of them might have made it back." O'Neill then confirmed Hawkins' question, "My men are dead, aren't they?" During the rescue, it was discovered that both Maj. Hawkins and Dr. Robert Rothman were taken as hosts of the Goa'uld symbiotes who inhabited the waters the team had used as a water source for three weeks and both were subsequently killed by Teal'c and Jack O'Neill, respectively. SG-1 rescued Daniel Jackson, the only surviver of this mission with SG-11.

Later this season, we learn that Daniel Jackson was offworld with SG-11 in the episode 4.19 "Prodigy". It is possible that the team had been reassembled as an alien-anthropological or archaeological unit, since Daniel states that he and SG-11 had been studying the Unas for the "past year" and had been visiting the planet on a regular basis in the Season Five episode, 5.07 "Beast of Burden".

Seasons Six Through Eight

We don't hear of SG-11 until the Season Seven episode, 7.02 "Homecoming Part 2", when they are requested by Col. Jack O'Neill, along with SG-15, as "technical advisers" to Kelowna when Anubis attacked the planet searching for the secrets of naquadria. The implied function of the unit was of a military nature. It is not clear which unit Maj. Robins commanded, since his name was the only thing mentioned when Jack was in radio contact with a sergeant who had established a perimeter and could see Maj. Robins across the town square.

Another Season Seven episode, 7.07 "Enemy Mine", heavily featured SG-11, under the command of Col. Edwards. The team was sent to the planet P3X-403 to survey it for naquadah deposits of signficant size to build F-302's (gliders) and 303's (battle cruisers):

There were possibily more men in this unit, assigned as military specialists and mining experts. SG-1, sans Maj. Carter, were called in as search and rescue specialists, something Col. Edwards stated that his unit was not trained in, after Lt. Ritter was declared missing when he failed to show for dinner. SG-3 was also assigned to conduct the search and rescue, under the command of Col. Jack O'Neill. Maj. Lorne had been aware of protocol to contact Daniel Jackson whenever archaeological artifacts were found on a planet, but he failed to do so. This failure in bringing these artifacts to Daniel's attention may have cost Lt. Ritter his life. Ritter's body was soon discovered to have been "strung up like a scarecrow" by the native Unas who saw SG-11's encroachment of their sacred grounds as a hostile act. Even though Daniel tried to explain the Unas to the men assigned to this planet, there was still much they did not understand. Lt. Woeste of SG-12 almost started a massacre while Daniel was attempting negotiations with the Unas leader, Iron Shirt, when he killed an Unas thinking it was attacking him but it was in fact trying to retrieve a precious necklace. Fortunately, Daniel was able to negotiate a treaty with the Unas before any more casualties on either side were suffered.

In the Season Seven episode, 7.16 "Death Knell", SG-11 was assigned, along with SG-3 and SG-21, to the new Alpha Site which had come under Anubis' attack and the commander of the base destroyed it, sending the stargate face-down into the ground. The three teams were assigned to get the stargate back upright and help remove the wounded. There was no indication who was in command of SG-11 at this time, but the assignment to get the stargate upright seemed to require a team with engineering expertise.

Near the beginning of Season Eight, SG-11 seemed to have become an archaeological team once more as they were about to go on a mission to an unspecified planet with Dr. Daniel Jackson, in the episode, 8.03 "Lockdown". While walking up the ramp to pass through the wormhole, Gen. Jack O'Neill disengaged the wormhole and commanded Daniel to go the infirmary. He had been the last one in contact with Russian Air Force Colonel Alexi Vaselov and Dr. Brightman had requested that he be examined. As it turns out, Daniel was hosting the energy essence of the Goa'uld Anubis who had hitched a ride in Vaselov's body. While possessed by Anubis, Daniel took one of the members of SG-11 hostage, threatening him with a handgun, and demanded that they open the stargate. They were able to save all four members of SG-11, but Daniel's body was used by Anubis to wound two SF's who were guarding the embarkation room.

Daniel takes SG-11 member hostage while possessed by Anubis

Season Ten

SG-11 was one of seventeen teams taking part in an offworld SGC celebration (possibly on P2C-106), (10.06 "200"). The celebration may have been for Lt. Col. Mitchell's 200th trip through the Stargate, but in any case took place on the landmark (and overly meta) 200th episode of Stargate SG-1.


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