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Maj. Griff


Major Griff was introduced as a member of SG-2, in the episode, 4.08 "The First Ones", and later became the team's commanding officer. He was last seen in the episode, 4.19 "Prodigy".

Character Biography

Griff was a captain when he was assigned to SG-2 (a team often sent on search and rescue missions and missions to secure the stargate). SG-2 assisted SG-1 in the rescue of Dr. Daniel Jackson, taken captive by an aboriginal Unas, Chaka, on P3X-888. He was wounded during the mission after being hit by a staff weapon blast, but recovered. (4.08 "The First Ones")

He was promoted to major and subsequently took command of SG-2. When all the members of SG-1 went missing during a diplomatic mission to the arctic world P3R-118, Griff led his team on a search of a perilous glacier, which Administrator Calder claimed had lured scientists Dr. Jackson and Maj. Carter into danger. He returned to the SGC and reported to General Hammond that there were absolutely no traces of SG-1 on the glacier and was emphatic in his belief that Col. Jack O'Neill would not have permitted such an excursion. SG-1 was able to escape from P3R-118 and help free the people enslaved there. (4.10 "Beneath the Surface")

Griff's last known assignment was "babysitting" a team of scientists on the moon of a gas giant, designated M4C-862, where the SGC was attempting to establish a research facility, but that endeavor failed because tiny energy lifeforms which inhabited the moon attacked and killed one of the scientists. Griff's team never encountered the lifeforms because they were relieved of their watch by SG-1. (4.19 "Prodigy")


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