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Drey'auc of Season One
Drey'auc of Seasons Two and Five


Drey'auc was the wife of Teal'c and mother of Rya'c. She first appeared in the episode, 1.12 "Bloodlines" and died in the episode, 6.01 "Redemption Part 1".

Character Biography

Drey'auc grew up on Chulak—known for coming from the Cor'dai Plains (2.08 "Family"). She was married to Teal'c when he was in Apophis's service and under Bra'tac's individual tutelage (5.02 "Threshold"). Teal'c became First Prime when she was pregnant with their son, Rya'c. It was also at this time Teal'c learned of Bra'tac's sacrilegious beliefs that the Goa'uld were not gods. He turned to Drey'auc as a sounding board. She at first recommended he tell Apophis of Bra'tac's betrayal but Teal'c angrily refused her. They debated the power of the gods they knew and Drey'auc wisely concluded Teal'c followed two masters–Apophis, and Bra'tac. Knowing her husband was torn, Drey'auc comforted him.

Later Teal'c confessed his own betrayal of Apophis to his wife and revealed how he spared the life of his old friend Va'lar despite Apophis's orders for Valar's execution. Drey'auc displayed her practical nature by convincing him to keep his actions secret. Apophis was providing them a new home and good life. She did not wish to see this circumvented, nor Teal'c's probable fate at revealing himself to Apophis.

After Teal'c completely broke from Apophis, Drey'auc and Rya'c were driven from their home which was torched and left with the sign of the Shol'va, the traitor (1.12 "Bloodlines"). Drey'auc and her son were considered pariahs even amongst the outcast (kreh'ta) community of Chulak. Rya'c soon afterwards became ill (a possible natural occurrence with Jaffa when they reach puberty and biologically need a primta) (1.12 "Bloodlines, 7.10 "Birthright"). Drey'auc suffered through many indignities to convince the priests of Chulak they were still loyal to Apophis (1.12 "Bloodlines"). She worked hard to convince one to come to the kresh'ta camps to perform the primta ceremony she believed vital to saving her son. Afterwards, they would be able to return to the city. All Drey'auc's hopes were dashed when her husband returned and killed the priest mid-ceremony.

Drey'auc unleashed her fury on her husband for abandoning them for people he did not know and forcing his family into these sufferings (1.12 "Bloodlines"). She revealed she told Rya'c his father was dead rather than having him see Teal'c as shamed. Col. O'Neill believed Rya'c's illness was scarlet fever and tried to treat him with antibiotics he had with him. Drey'uac thanked the colonel for his solicitude. Unfortunately the antibiotics didn't help and Rya'c soon stopped breathing. To Drey'auc's horror, Teal'c gave his son his own symbiote, risking his own life rather than watch his son die. Luckily, the other two members of SG-1 arrived with a "spare" symbiote they had grabbed for study, and both Teal'c and Rya'c were saved. Drey'auc was now convinced of Teal'c's cause and nodded for him to leave her and Rya'c there–to be safe until he could come and free his people.

After the destruction of Apophis's ships in the attack on Earth, Teal'c's fate was unknown to the people of Chulak, including Drey'auc (2.08 "Family"). Although still in love with her husband, Drey'auc's practical side shone forth again. When Teal'c's childhood friend Fro'tak offered a home for she and Rya'c, she had her marriage to Teal'c put aside and married him. Fro'tak had a high position in Apophis's palace and provided them a good home. For some reason, Bra'tac was unaware of Drey'auc's activities. But when Apophis kidnapped her son, Drey'auc somehow was able to reach Bra'tac, who in turn got hold of Teal'c. Although angered by his wife's actions, Teal'c agreed to work with Fro'tak for his son's sake.

Later Drey'auc confessed to Teal'c she still loved him and the marriage was only one of convenience. Fro'tak overheard and almost betrayed them all, but for Col. O'Neill's intervention. SG-1 was able to recover Rya'c and bring both him and Drey'auc back to the SGC. While there, Drey'auc noticed a tooth that had fallen out had suddenly reappeared in Rya'c's mouth–thus warning the SGC that Rya'c was planted with a bomb. They removed the device and later, to Drey'auc and Teal'c's heartbreak, had to put him through methods to counter Apophis's brainwashing of the child. Afterwards, Drey'auc and Rya'c were given refuge in the Land of Light.

Teal'c would visit Drey'auc and Rya'c on his offtime (3.22 "Nemesis", 6.01 "Redemption Part 1"). Eventually, the Rebel Jaffa movement was large enough Dreya'uc and Rya'c eventually lived at a camp with them (6.01 "Redemption Part 1"). Drey'auc wanted to stay with her people, and besides, Teal'c was on missions with SG-1. It was at one of these camps that Drey'auc's primta finally matured. Drey'auc had come to believe in Teal'c's cause of freedom so much she refused for rebels to steal another symbiote for her by killing a brother Jaffa. She wanted to die free. Against Drey'auc's wishes, Bra'tac notified Teal'c of Drey'auc's condition, but too late. Drey'auc died before Teal'c arrived. Her body was burned in a Jaffa funeral ceremony at the rebel camp.


Drey'auc and Teal'c at Rya'c's primta ceremony
Teal'c and Drey'auc reunited
Teal'c mourns Drey'auc


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