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Rebel Jaffa Rya'c


Rya'c is the only child of Teal'c and Drey'auc and the apprentice to Master Bra'tac.

Character Biography

Rya'c's early childhoood was spent on Chulak. He was born soon after his father, Teal'c became first prime of Apophis (5.02 "Threshold"). As a young child, Rya'c hero-worshiped his father. After Teal'c betrayed Apophis and left Chulak, Rya'c and his mother, Drey'auc, were driven from their home and were considered pariahs even amongst the outcast community (kreh'ta) of Chulak (1.12 "Bloodlines"). Drey'auc did not want her son to know of his father's shame of being traitor, so she told Rya'c Teal'c was dead.

As Rya'c was reaching the age of puberty, Drey'auc went through many ordeals to convince the priests her family was still loyal to Apophis and have them perform the primta ceremony on Rya'c. After Rya'c would receive his first primta (immature symbiote), they'd even be allowed back into the city. However, Teal'c interrupted the ceremony and killed the priests; Rya'c was unconscious during all this.

Rya'c awoke to find his father alive and well. However, Rya'c himself was quite ill–possibly with a variation of scarlet fever. O'Neill tried unsuccessfully to treat Rya'c's illness with antibiotics, but Rya'c had no immune system and soon stopped breathing. Teal'c gave Rya'c his own symbiote to save his son.

After Teal'c left with SG-1, Drey'auc did what she could to support herself and Rya'c, marrying Fro'tak, a childhood friend of Teal'c. Rya'c lived in his father's ornate household and was in training with Master Bra'tac (2.08 "Family"). From there, he was kidnapped by Apophis, and later brainwashed by the Goa'uld. When SG-1 first attempted to rescue Rya'c, he resisted, crying out for the guards and forcing the team's retreat. Apophis then used Rya'c to set a trap for the team. SG-1 rescued Rya'c, and while O'Neill was suspicious how pliant Rya'c was at this second attempt and how easily their plan worked, brought him and Drey'auc back to Earth.

During the medical exam, Drey'auc noticed two teeth Rya'c had recently lost were no longer missing. Apophis had planted biological weapons inside Rya'c's false teeth to destroy the Tau'ri. Rya'c believed Apophis would treasure him, and did not realize when he released the virus, he too would be killed. During the attempts to counter Apophis's brainwashing, Rya'c's true feelings of abandonment by Teal'c were also revealed. A stun by a zat weapon was able to act as electro-shock therapy to free Rya'c of the brainwashing. Unable to return to Chulak, Rya'c and his mother were given refuge in the Land of Light.

Teal'c would visit his family at the Land of Light from time to time (3.22 "Nemesis Part 1", 6.01 "Redemption Part 1"). Eventually, the Rebel Jaffa movement was large enough he and his mother lived at one of their camps on another world (6.01 "Redemption Part 1"). As Rya'c matured, he continued to be trained by Master Bra'tac in both weapons and piloting. When Drey'auc died due to the maturity of her symbiote, Rya'c blamed his father for her death, for choosing this path to an amorphous freedom that had led to this life...and his mother's death. Teal'c was devastated, but Bra'tac explained that after Apophis's brainwashing, Rya'c has been prone to self-doubt and thinking his father doubts him. Teal'c confessed how he too had recently been brainwashed by Apophis. He knows what Rya'c feels, and he had never doubted his son. Reconciled, Rya'c and Teal'c worked together with Bra'tac and Shaq'rel to help the Tau'ri.

The Goa'uld Anubis used an Ancient weapon that could use one Stargate to destroy another. They tracked the planet where this "Stargate Destroyer" was located and Rya'c fought side by side with his father (6.02 "Redemption Part 2"). He was injured during the skirmish, and Teal'c insisted he stay behind not to slow their pace. Rya'c did not completely listen, and thus was in hiding and overheard his father and Bra'tac's capture by Anubis's Jaffa. On his own, Rya'c snuck into the death glider airfield set up on the planet and stole one of the ships, using it to destroy the weapon and creating the distraction Teal'c and Bra'tac needed to free themselves. Teal'c crowed about Rya'c's success to his teammates when they reunited at the SGC, but Rya'c did not remain. Instead, he decided to work with Bra'tac to help spread the word for the Rebel Jaffa cause

Through this work, he was with Bra'tac when both were captured and held as prisoners on Erebus (7.04 "Erebus"). Daniel Jackson however, had disjointed memories from his time as an ascended being, where he had apparently witnessed Bra'tac's and Rya'c's capture by Ba'al's forces. SG-1 launched a rescue mission and saved Rya'c and Bra'tac before Bra'tac died from lack of tretonin. Rya'c protested all the prisoners must be freed. Rya'c was caught by guards trying to relay word of a planned uprising to other prisoners, but Teal'c insisted on taking Rya'c's punishment. At this point, the rest of SG-1's "Plan B" was able to save them all, and the Rebel Jaffa movement gained several new members.

Later Rya'c's work with the Rebel Jaffa led him to Haktyl, and the warrior female Jaffa led by Ishta (8.09 "Sacrifices"). There he met and fell and love with a Haktyl warrior named Kar'yn. When Teal'c learns of the impending wedding, planned without his consultation or permission, he is incensed and feels betrayed by Rya'c. An impending attack by Moloc forces the Haktyl to evacuate to the SGC, where Kar'yn and Rya'c hope to still have their "union ceremony", with Bra'tac officiating. Rya'c later learns from Bra'tac that Teal'c does not support the marriage because he worries his son will be forced into the same problems that plagued him--split loyalties between his family and the cause of Jaffa freedom. Even the betrothed fight, as Kar'yn rejects the traditional ritual of kneeling before her new husband during the rehearsal ceremony. Both insulted, they call off the wedding temporarily. However, after Ishta and Teal'c's lives are endangered on an offworld mission, the betrothed couple reconcile and the "Rite of Everlasting Union" proceeds. They plan to honeymoon (shimroa) the same place Teal'c and Drey'auc did. Teal'c conveys his blessing on the union, and even teases his son on some of the rituals needed to be done. Rya'c in turn gave his "blessing" on the continued relationship between Teal'c and Ishta.

Rya'c has not been spoken of since the defeat of the Goa'uld at Dakara, but presumably he and his wife are still alive and well.


Rya'c awakens after primta ceremony
Rya'c saves Earth flying Death Glider
Rya'c on his wedding day


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