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SG-1 faces two potential disasters light years apart as an energy build-up in the Stargate threatens to destroy Earth, and Teal'c returns home to find his wife dead, his son estranged, and his planet under attack.

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Limping through the Stargate with a dart wound obtained during a skirmish with the primitive natives of P2X-374, Captain Hagman becomes the ninth recruit to fail to fill Dr. Daniel Jackson's shoes. But General Hammond is intent on finding a replacement even if it means taking Colonel Chekov's suggestion that a Russian officer join SG-1.

Colonel Jack O'Neill is dead-set against that idea and also not too keen on utilizing the talents of Jonas Quinn, the fugitive alien who has helped SG-1 gain invaluable Naquadria technology. Quinn, a natural study, has committed to memory all of Daniel's notes.

Teal'c returns to his planet when he gets the terrible news that his wife, Drey'auc, is dying and that his son, Rya'c, blames him.

Shortly after Teal'c's departure, the SGC gate is dialed from offworld by an unknown party, keeping the wormhole open and preventing anyone from using it. At the same time, the offworlder is transmitting huge amounts of energy through the Stargate and will eventually overload it and create an explosion that will destroy Earth.

Unable to stop the buildup or contact their offworld allies the Asgard for help, Colonel O'Neill and Major Samantha Carter attempt an alternate method of interstellar travel in the X-302, the first human-built interstellar spacecraft. But just when they are about to make the leap to hyperspace, they are thrown off course and then ordered back to base.

With only fifty-something hours before the Stargate goes critical, the Goa'uld system lord Anubis projects his image through the gate and threatens ultimate doom to Earth.


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